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West Midlands Academic Health Science Network - December 2020

Welcome to all the latest news, event and funding information from the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network.

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 14:25 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

PROLIMB could introduce ‘game-changing’ upper limb prosthesis

A new project led by the University of Warwick aims to develop an affordable fingertip prosthesis with integrated mechanical haptic feedback.

Thu 03 Dec 2020, 11:59 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

International Pathology Day - Warwick/UHCW poster winners

The International Pathology Day recognises and celebrates the contribution and achievements of pathology and laboratory medicine services that work to address global health challenges and improve the health outcomes of global communities. The 2020 focus was on the INFECTION THROUGH THE LENS OF COVID-19 WITH AN INTERNATIONAL VIEWPOINT.

The organisers encouraged poster submissions describing the role of pathology laboratories to the world’s COVID-19 response. Posters were displayed digitally and judged by Professor Jo Martin, RCPath President ; Dr Mike Osborn, RCPAth President-Elect , Dr Shubha Allard, RCPath Clinical Director for Engagement and Publishing, and Evangelos Kotsopoulos, CEO Sonic Healthcare Germany and Continental Europe. The competition was open to UK and international entrants.

The Judges felt that our poster provided an excellent platform to highlight the crucial roles Pathology services played in supporting the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and also captured some of the core values of Pathology that bring together science and medicine. Our poster also received praised about the high quality of the visual presentation.

We are obviously delighted to have been selected as the winners of the competition. This award most importatly recognises efforts during the pandemic of a strong team of clinicians and academics from UHCW and University of Warwick that led the Diagnostics response across Coventry and Warwickshire. This work successfully addressed urgent needs of the healthcare system, introduced new technologies and innovation and in parallel put in place the right tools to support research and promote advancement of knowledge.

IPD2020 poster

Professor Dimitris Grammatopoulous

Fri 13 Nov 2020, 08:23 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

Third successful H2020 proposal on AI and IoT in the past 12 months

Robots, IoT and AI for shaping the hospital of the future. An investment of 40 millions of Euro

Hospitals must increase their efficiency and productivity and boost quality and safety, while containing and reducing costs. This cannot be an untaught linear reduction. For instance, the number of ICU beds per million of EU habitants was reduced of 75% in the past 30 years, also in response to the unneglectable need to invest on territory healthcare services in response to demographic challenges. This left EU Hospitals completely unprepared to the COVID-19 pandemics.

In order to respond to this challenge the European Commission has invested 40 millions of EURO with a dedicated call, which has selected 4 projects our of 85 proposals.

Dr Leandro Pecchia and his team, at the School of Engineering, have been awarded one of these 4 project, the ODIN project, which has a total value of 13 millions of EURO .

Wed 14 Oct 2020, 10:10 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

Warwick RECOVERS Study

Responding to COVID by Enhancing Resilience in Students. We are interested in learning how Warwick students have been coping with the pandemic and its impact on their studies and daily lives. It is our aim to reach out to as many Warwick students as possible, so that the findings will be representative and can be used to inform the support planning as we look to resume some form of 'normality' in the next phase of the pandemic.

Our study is funded by a PVC (Research) COVID research programme award, with support from the Warwick Health Global Research Priority and Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing Research

Thu 18 Jun 2020, 08:29 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

Funding call - ISCF Healthy Ageing Challenge Social, Behavioural & Design Research Programme Outline Stage

This is a two-stage call. Outline proposals must be submitted via UKRI’s Joint electronic Submissions (Je-S) system by 16:00 on 7 July 2020. Proposals will then be assessed by a Panel and shortlisted applicants will be notified of their success and invited to submit a full proposal. See full commissioning timetable for more information. Proposals must be led by an academic who is based at an eligible UK research organisation.

Thu 11 Jun 2020, 08:52 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP funding

BBC News - About 7% have had coronavirus, says ONS survey

The findings indicate "that the majority of the population are unlikely to have been infected," says Professor Lawrence Young of Warwick Medical School.

Thu 04 Jun 2020, 10:25 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP health

Beyond the Pandemic: the role of universities in shaping a better future

This blog was kindly contributed by Dr Giles A.F. Carden, Chief of Staff & Director of Strategic Projects, Lancaster University and Professor Lawrence S. Young, Pro-Dean of External Affairs, Warwick Medical School.

Fri 15 May 2020, 13:56 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

BBSRC ECR funding opportunities to work with industry partners

The BBSRC Flexible Talent Mobility Account held by the University of Warwick and WISB has funding available to support 1-2 further Innovation Fellowships. Up to six months of funding is available to support independent, industry-focussed research projects from the BBSRC community at Warwick and WISB. The projects can pump-prime the establishment of new academia-industry interactions or further develop existing collaborations. It is expected that the projects will include an exchange with the industry partner; the placements may be 100% with the industry partner, or a blend of experience and knowledge exchange split between the industry partner and Warwick, although a minimum of 50% of the time must be with the industry partner. Applicants should have an industry partner as part of the application and a clear work programme. Applicants are required to submit a short application form, CV, and letter from a referee. Deadline - Friday 24 April 2020 although applicants are advised that limited funds are available and the scheme will close once the funding is allocated.

Small seed funding is also available for Early Career Researchers to establish their own contacts and relationships with industry. Examples of potential activities include enabling visits to understand industry’s needs and challenges, to discuss future collaborations; to support attendance at industry events or training and development opportunities to develop commercial and translational skills. Up to £1,000 is available and applications can be submitted at any time.

The proposed activity must fall within the BBSRC remit and be aligned to the Industrial Strategy. This funding is linked to the National Productivity Investment Fund/Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund and the Rutherford Fund. Funding must be spent by March 2021.

Interested applicants should speak with Katie Irgin ( R&IS) to check fit to scheme and available budget.

Visit for more information.

Covid-19 guidance: Remote working projects that have a strong knowledge exchange focus with an industry partner are particularly welcome. Delayed start dates are also available but projects must complete by March 2021 – no further delay is possible due to funder rules

Applicants are strongly advised to contact Warwick Ventures before submission and participate in available Warwick Ventures-led training.

Wed 22 Apr 2020, 08:25 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP funding

Feel Connected, Get Creative - Coventry Creates - Funding opportunity

The University Partnership is pleased to announce funding of up to £2,000 per project to commission a range of artistic works that can be shared digitally.

Wed 15 Apr 2020, 12:20 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP funding

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