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Doctoral Studentship Fully Funded by Fair Chance Foundation and University of Warwick

Applications are now invited for a fully-funded doctoral studentship to commence in October 2017. The studentship is embedded in a research project on gender and educational success in Haryana, India, which is funded by the Fair Chance Foundation. The studentship is co-funded by Fair Chance Foundation and the University of Warwick’s Collaborative Postgraduate Research Scholarships (WCPRS) scheme. The studentship reflects the university’s commitment to producing the next generation of international leaders in social science research. Fair Chance Foundation, which was founded by a Warwick alumnus, is committed to improving the future livelihoods of disadvantaged children and young adults through education. The Fair Chance Foundation, which funds several projects in India, helps by both directly funding education, and by promoting education as a means to a better life. The principal goals of Fair Chance Foundation are to: research attitudes towards education as a means to end poverty and gender bias; develop interventions which create desire for education as a means to end poverty and gender bias; formally research and publish interventions and outcomes; develop guides and promote the research to help policy makers make informed choices about which interventions are likely to have most impact; provide direct support to children and young adults.

Wed 15 Feb 2017, 11:48 | Tags: GRPEvents, news, GRPNews, events

"What do women scientists bring to global development?”

GRP International Development : Panel on Women and Science -

"What do women scientists bring to global development?”

1 March, 4pm - 6pm, Oculus: OC.104

Speakers :

Professor Jane Hutton, University of Warwick, winner of the Suffrage Science award
Professor Pratibha Gai, University of York, winner of the L’Oreal UNESCO Women in Science Award
Professor Faith Osier, winner Fith Annual Merle A. Sande Health Leadership Award and a member of the Royal Society
Professor Charlotte Watson, founder of the Gender, Violence and Health Centre and Chief Scientific Advisor at DfID

Chaired by Professor Swaran Singh, University of Warwick, WMS - Mental Health and Wellbeing

The panel will address the challenges and opportunities women face as scientists, and the contribution that they have made in addressing urgent problems. This event is part of a series focussing on gender inequalities and transforming gender relations and how this can contribute to the international development agenda. The panel will include four female science professors from across the full range of the natural sciences, with special interest in gender issues and/or international development.

Wed 01 Feb 2017, 12:29 | Tags: GRPEvents, news, GRPNews, events

Panel on Women and Science

Women and Science

GRP International Development : Panel on Women and Science

1 March, 4pm

Confirmed speakers include: Jane Hutton; Pratibha Gai and Faith Osier.

Tue 15 Nov 2016, 10:32 | Tags: GRPEvents, events

Interdisciplinary workshop on emotions and transitional justice

Interdisciplinary workshop on emotions and transitional justice
25 November, 10.00
Milburn house
Leading on from the constructive engagement of a previous similar event, this workshop will again draw on this breadth and empirical richness to further develop scholarly critique by identifying new research questions and perspectives for a prolonged interdisciplinary engagement among scholars based in Warwick and scholars both nationally and internationally. Recognising the need for a ‘thicker’ version of transitional justice that extends beyond a ‘thin’ legalistic conception of the phenomenon, it will provide an innovative interdisciplinary insight into the challenges that emotions pose for transitional justice processes such as truth recovery, reconciliation initiatives, disarmament, demobilisation & reintegration (DDR) and amnesty processes. Looking at the real world effect of emotions in transitioning societies, this workshop aims to contextualise the matter through fuller evaluation of their role in social, economic and political development that lies beyond the confines of legal processes and the courtroom.
Tue 18 Oct 2016, 11:29 | Tags: GRPEvents, events

Modern challenges to Islamic Law

Modern challenges to Islamic Law by Professor Shaheen Ali (Cambridge University Press, October 2016)

The diversity of interpretation within Islamic legal traditions can be challenging for those working within this field of study. Using a distinctly contextual approach, this book addresses such challenges by combining theoretical perspectives on Islamic law with insight into how local understandings impact on the application of law in Muslim daily life. Engaging with topics as diverse as Islamic constitutionalism, Islamic finance, human rights and internet fatawa, Shaheen Sardar Ali provides an invaluable resource for scholars, students and practitioners alike by exploring exactly what constitutes Islamic law in the contemporary world. Useful examples, case studies, a glossary of terms and the author's personal reflections accompany traditional academic critique, and together offer the reader a unique and discerning discussion ofIslamic law in practice.

Sat 24 Sep 2016, 19:21 | Tags: GRPEvents, events

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