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Photography Competition 2016/2107

Global Research Priorities (GRP) in International Development
Annual Photography Competition - 2016/2017

The GRP International Development photography competition is open to any University of Warwick student or staff member. We are looking for photographic images that address the annual research theme: ‘Challenging Inequalities, Transforming Gender Relations in the 21st Century’

This year’s Annual Photography Competition opens with a challenge – How can images of development (of people, of places and spaces, of activities or organisations) teach us about the inequalities or how Gender Relations are being transformed or can be transformed in the present or future?

Why does gender matter in development? How does gender reproduce social inequalities that affect development? What can we do about the mis-recognition of gender relations that often leads to mal-distribution of resources to support the marginalized? What is needed to transform gender relations in the 21st Century?

This may include visual studies or imagery about representations of gender, interactions and inequalities between men and women, the graduations, fluidity or changes in gender and our understanding of gender, the places and spaces where gender is foregrounded or made problematic, the legality or politics of gender, development organisations that focus on women’s empowerment, or gender respect and understanding, and so on. You need to challenge us, as we are challenged by our research theme for 2016-17.


Zhuoen-Li, Man on the top of the mountain selling bubbles, winner of 2016/2107 photography competition


1st - £250 & the photo is showcased on the GRP-ID homepage
2nd - £150 & the photo is used on the GRP-ID website
3rd - £100 & the photo is used on the GRP-ID website

Submission guidelines:

The competition will run to 31 March 2017. All entries must be in JPEG or PNG, include a short caption of no more than 20 words and the applicant’s contact details. Please submit the photograph to by midnight on 30 April 2017 (GMT). The results will be announced by June 2017 on GRP ID Annual Lecture.

2016/2017 submission guidelines (Word Document)