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Photography competition

Global Research Priorities (GRP) in International Development
Annual Photography Competition


The GRP International Development photography competition is open to any University of Warwick student or staff member. We are looking for photographic images that address the annual research theme: ‘Poverty, Inequality and International Development ’When people think of International Development, they usually think in terms of common media images of poor people in dysfunctional places. And yet, so-called ‘developing countries’ are so often highly productive culturally and creatively colourful places.


This year’s Annual Photography Competition opens with a challenge – How can images of development (of people, of places and spaces, of activities or organisations) teach us about the nature of global poverty, and how it is being resolved or can be solved in the present or future? We invite you to submit visual studies or imagery which directly address or are broadly inspired by this project. You need to challenge us, as we are challenged by our research theme for 2017-18. Specific questions you may wish to consider include:How do we define and represent poverty – without voyerurism or visual exploitation? How are images and narratives of poverty represented to development audiences? How is poverty entangled with colonialism and its legacies? How do gender and other vectors of inequality cut across our approaches to poverty? What are the limits of global governance to poverty – and how can we use visual media to stimulate the need for alternative paths to sustainable development?

The submissions will be judged by a panel of experts in development, and the winners will be announced at the Annual Public International Development Lecture on June 15th 2018.


You may submit your entries in any format, composition or orientation (landscape, portrait, dynamic, montage), and in any colour, sepia or black and white. All submissions must be digital, submitted as a high resolution JPEG file, with no borders, animation or framing devices.The submissions will be sent to the Photography Competition Coordinator via email: Or, if the file is too large, please request a file-share link.

Submission deadline: 31 March 2018

Each submitted JPEG file should be titled to include your surname. If you are submitting more than one entry (up to a maximum of three), each entry should also bear a number in order of preference.

Submission guidelines  

1st Prize - £250 and photo featured on the GRP ID website homepage

2nd Prize - £150 and photo used for GRP ID social media

3rd Prize - £100 and photo used for GRP ID social media