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Dr. Anil Gumber

    Health and human development in rural India,sociodemographic analysis, specialization in econometrics, data management and analysis.   

    Dr. Ponnusamy Saravanan

    Normal and diabetes pregnancies in the UK, Saudi Arabia, India; health inequalities in South Asians (role of diet, lifestyle, behavior and psychological aspects); application of research evidence into clinical practice.  

    P dot Saravanan at warwick dot ac dot uk

      Dr. Neil Raymond Epidemiology of diabetes, maintenance of disease registers for epidemiological surveillance, evaluation of new health technologies.
      Dr. Dan Munday The interface between primary care and specialist palliative care.
      Professor Sudhesh Kumar New approaches to the delivery of care for obesity and diabetes.
      Dr. Gulnaz Izbal UK ethnicity data collection for healthcare statistics
      Professor Gillian Hundt Gender, ethnicity and promoting equity in health. 
      Professor Frances Griffiths Long term illness, lay experience of health and health care. Impact of medical technology and information and communication technology on lay understanding of health and experience of health care F dot E dot Griffiths at warwick dot ac dot uk
      Professor Janet Dunn Clinical trials statistics and data collection.
      Dr. Paul O’Hare Type 2 diabetes in South Asian males. 
    CENTRE FOR APPLIED LINGUISTICS Dr. Richard Smith History of language teaching, ELT research survey of India, textbook analysis, learner and teacher autonomy.

    Dr. Bishnupriya Gupta

    economic history and economic development in colonial India.

    Professor Wiji Arulampalam

    applied econometrics, child mortality in India, maternal autonomy and family welfare outcomes.

    Professor Amrita Dhillon

    economic theory, political economy, public economics, development economics.

    Dr. Sayantan Ghosal

    behavioral welfare economics, strategic foundations of General Equilibrium, global climate change policy.
    CENTRE FOR EDUCATION STUDIES Professor Eleanor Nesbitt Religious socialization of young people of Christian, Hindu and Sikh background.
    DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY Dr. Sarah Hodges Modern South Asian history; gender history; history of modern science and medicine; medical waste, history of international development.
      Dr. Aditya Sarkar The history of modern South Asia, with specific expertise and interest in the social histories of labour and capitalism.
      Professor Maxine Berg Global trade and material culture in the early modern world, industrial development in India, material trade with India.
      Professor Giorgio Riello Cotton textile manufacturing’s role in industrial development, cotton trade with India.


    Gendered performance and political institutions, gender and the political economy of development, comparative examination of India, South Africa and UK.
      Dr. Miranda Alison ethnic conflict, political violence, gender and development.
    SCHOOL OF LAW Professor Shaheen Sardar Ali Islamic law in Pakistan, women’s and children’s rights, international human rights law.
      Dr. Sam Adelman Legal theory, development and human rights, sovereignty.
      Dr. Rajnaara Akhtar The Muslim community in Britain, Muslim family law, Faith Based Alternative Dispute Resolution, and human rights law.

    Professor Ann Stewart

    Gender justice and postcolonialism in India and South Africa.
      Professor Abdul Paliwala Globalization and legal regulation of the digital divide, law and economy in developing countries and information technology in legal education.
    ENGLISH AND COMPARATIVE LITERARY STUDIES Professor Pablo Mukherjee Postcolonial theory and literature, natural disasters and nineteenth century British imperial culture, Indian literature.
      Dr. Rashmi Varma The postcolonial city, postcolonial Indian and African theory, literature and culture, feminism in a global context, indigenous representations in postcolonial India, and the theory of world literature.
      Professor Neil Lazarus Postcolonial theory and literature, imperialism, nationalism and anticolonialsi resistance, and world literature.

    Professor Benita Parry

    Literature on colonialism and imperialism and postcolonial studies.

    WARWICK BUSINESS SCHOOL Zulfiqar Shah Capital markets research, leasing firms in Pakistan, corporate valuation.
      Professor Andy Lockett Venture capitalism in India, risk assessment and information.

    Professor Kamel Mellahi Non-market strategy, international business strategy, internationalization strategies of emerging market firms. 
    THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE STUDIES Dr. Sruti Bala Theories in international performance research, performativity of nonviolent protest in South Asia. 
    DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY Dr. Goldie Osuri Race/ethnicity studies, South Asian politics, colonial and postcolonial nationalism.
      Dr. Carol Wolkowitz Gender in Indian history and politics.