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Agenda for Creative Industries Post Covid Workshop

10:30am – 11:00am  

Registration and Welcome Drinks

To take place at The Birmingham Rep - for venue details, including how to get there, and information around car parking, nearest train stations and walking distances please see here

11.00am - 11.15am  

Introduction to the event - The Suites at The Birmingham Rep

(Host TBC)

Introduction and Welcomes.


Setting the scene

A Reflection on the experiences that freelancers have had during the pandemic - an overview of their challenges but also a look into how the future of this industry can be improved.

Speakers (TBC) will discuss and debate:

  • The freelance experience – precarious work and the impact of the pandemic
  • Contracted and permanent employees – how did organisations support workers during the pandemic?
  • Think local – how have musicians / performers adapted to restrictions, reconnecting with local communities

11:45 am – 12:15 am

Working Together & Building back

An opportunity to discuss how the creative sector and their audiences, and communities, work together to support a better, more sustainable creative sector.

Speakers (TBC) will discuss and debate:

  • Cultural manifesto principles of good employment – Stephen Brown of The Muscians Union
  • ‘Dying to Work’ campaign – Lee Barron of TUC
  • Ensembles and cooperatives

12:15 - 12:30 pm

What can we do in the region to make things better?

  • Entry points for young people into the creative workforce – mentoring, education grants, internships (paid)
  • Regional infrastructure – non-financial interventions by local / regional government, e.g, information exchange, partnerships between large and smaller organisations, connections with other sectors (health, community, education), access to spaces / buildings – maybe ask Abi Gilmore (Manchester)
  • Cultural recovery funds – what financial resources can we leverage for local / regional cultural activity? Which funds are available and how do we access them? What other financial instruments might be available – e.g. loans, debt deferrals, rent agreements

12:30 - 1pm

*** Break for Lunch ***

1pm - 2pm

Ways Forward

(What practical steps can we take forward from this meeting?)

  • Implementing / applying principles of the cultural manifesto
  • Actions / arguments to take back to your organisation (local / regional government, venues and cultural organisations)
  • Future plans – what to do with this network, future meetings or actions

2pm - 3pm

*** Tea, Coffee and Networking ***