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Reflections on the COVID-19 pandemic: Perspectives on productivity, well-being and the futures of work

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged much contemporary thinking in terms of productivity, well-being and the futures of work. The shift to home working, sectors unable to work, and others that are overwhelmed there is no ‘one size fits all’ response. In this series of webinars experts from across the University of Warwick will be reflecting on the way in which COVID-19 has questioned traditional thinking in relation to and aspect of productivity, well-being and the nature of work. The webinars are intended to spark conversation and debate. They will help to connect those with common interests for further discussion and exploration.

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Previous Webinars

Artists with benefits: could a future welfare system level the playing field for cultural workers?

Chair: Dr Chris Bilton (Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies, University of Warwick)

Panel composition: Mags Patten (Arts Council England), Stephen Brown (Musicians Union) and Dr Heidi Ashton (University of Warwick).

Teleworkability as a new digital divide

Speakers: Professor Chris Warhurst (Director, Institute of Employment Research, Warwick University) and Dr Enrique Fernandez-Macias (University of Salamanca)

Learning from lockdown: What can the lockdown teach us about interdisciplinary research where urban environments, behaviour, work, and energy concerns intersect?

Co-organised with Energy, Behaviour, Brain and Society and Sustainable Cities GRP's

Speakers: Dr Joel Cardinal, Professor David Elmes, Dr Maria Wishart, Professor Nick Chater, Professor Jon Coaffee

  • Warwick's Campus as a smart local energy system – lessons from lockdown
  • Researching workplace mental health before and during the pandemic
  • Adapting to lockdown and beyond: A behavioural perspective
  • The post-pandemic city: Bouncing back or a new normal?
  • Panel Discussion - Future direction of research, the funding environment and pathways for collaboration.


Series 5 - 11 January 2021

Speakers: Professor Nigel Driffield, Professor Jan Godsell and Clive Reynolds

Webinar theme: How can you build bedrock excellence for productivity? What leadership practices could firms develop to accelerate their journey to Supply Chain Productivity?'

Productivity, Performance and Inward Investment, Professor Nigel Driffield (Pro-vice Chancellor for external engagement and Director of Productivity Institute, Warwick Business School, Warwick University)

Supply Chain Productivity in Practice Professor Jan Godsell (Warwick Manufacturing Group, Warwick University)

Relating Productivity to Organisational Context Clive Reynolds (Strategic Capability Network, Productivity Insights Network)


Series 4 - 4 November 2020

Speakers: Professor Swaran Singh and Dr Lena AlKhudairy

Health, wellbeing and productivity: How can we ensure a productive and happy workforce in the era of Covid-19 and beyond?

The wealth of a nation is the mental health of its youth' Professor Swaran Singh (Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry at the University of Warwick & Director of the Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing)

Policy intervention to promote the health and wellbeing of workers in small and medium-sized enterprises, Dr Lena Al-Khudairy ( Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Director in Health Technology Assessment within the Warwick Evidence Group at the Warwick Medical School. She is part of the rapid response to policy group in Applied Research Collaboration Wes Midlands).

Series 3 - 9 June 2020

Speakers: Professor Graeme Currie, Dr Ayfer Ali, Dr Mark Elliot

System level leadership fit for the future: Lessons from Covid-19, Professor Graeme Currie (Warwick Business School, Warwick University)

Out of Office: Supporting staff wellbeing when the home becomes the workplace, Dr Mark Elliot (Institute of Digital Healthcare, Motion Capture Laboratory, Warwick University)

Drug Repurposing in the age of Covid-19, Dr Ayfer Ali, (Warwick Business School, Warwick University)

Series 2 - 3 June 2020

Speakers: Professor Nigel Driffield, Professor Christopher Warhurst

A new definition of "essential work" from hedge funds to logistics' Professor Nigel Driffield (Warwick Business School, Warwick University)

The shape of the workforce to come?', Professor Chris Warhurst (Institute of Employment Research)

Series 1 - 12 May 2020

Speakers: Professor Jan Godsell, Dr Chris Bilton, Professor Stephen Roper

Productivity in a time of coronavirus: lessons from artists', Dr Chris Bilton (Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies, Warwick University)

Pivoting for success: Building more resilient UK manufacturing supply chains', Professor Jan Godsell (Warwick Manufacturing Group, Warwick University)

Covid-19 and the implications for innovation', Professor Stephen Roper (Warwick Business School, Warwick University)