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With strong links to industry and policy makers, Warwick's health-related research is truly multi-disciplinary and multi-sector. We are a community of academic practitioners working with our health partners to address global health issues. For more information contact healthgrp at warwick dot ac dot uk

The Health GRP supports a wide range of pump priming research, impact and innovation activities across campus and with external partners. We can provide expert support for the development of multi-disciplinary research; we provide pump priming funding and support for cross campus networks of excellence; we run regular engagement events for academic, NHS and industry partners, and we have a vibrant community of Departmental Champions as well as our website for sharing health related news and events. Find out more about our current priority themes here.

The Health GRP's Networks of Excellence have been set up to facilitate Warwick’s multidisciplinary response to science and technology for health research calls, providing the opportunity to create novel solutions to problems. The Networks also augment the University of Warwick's profile in health research and technology, facilitating readiness to respond to research calls as they are released.

The Science and Technology for Health GRP intends to support a rolling portfolio of cross-campus networks of excellence.

Please contact the Health GRP on healthgrp at warwick dot ac dot uk for further information.

The University of Warwick has a long track record of fruitful collaborations with innovation partners. Collaboration with the users of research is key to the realisation of economic and societal benefit from our £100M annual research portfolio. By working with our University, your organisation can tap expertise from a number of scientific disciplines, access state of the art equipment and facilities through Warwick Scientific Services, harness skilled staff to work on your organisation's problems and find new routes to funding for R&D and product development.

We are keen to establich collaborations, working together in our core research areas and we have had considerable success in leveraging additional funding for our work with partners from sources such as Innovate UK, UK Research Councils and the EU. Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion at corporaterelations at warwick dot ac dot uk

If you are interested in discussing commercialisation opportunities, contact ventures at warwick dot ac dot uk

If you are interested in philanthropic giving, please contact alumni at warwick dot ac dot uk

Some examples of how Warwick can help:

1. Distil signal from “noise” in large messy data sets e.g. genomics, clinical trials, brain activity

2. Utilise off-the-shelf devices to track behaviour, optimise health and wellbeing and allow elderly people to live in their homes for longer

3. Test alternative uses of existing technologies e.g. the potential for imaging technology as an early indicator of dementia

4. Measure adherance to interventions and advice on successful behavioural change

5. Design and deliver clinical trials and evaluations to demonstrate the efficacy of products meeting regulatory requirements

6. Identify targets for new anti-microbial products and optimise efficacy

7. Assess the effectiveness of “superfoods” to help keep bodies healthy and supplements for weight reduction or health benefits