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Mindfulness Research Network


The Mindfulness Research Network seeks to promote quality research in the field of mindfulness by providing an interdisciplary forum accross the university and beyond.

Mental health and wellbeing have been identified as important goals at a policy level both nationally and internationally. Mindfulness, which is defined as combining both an increased sense of awareness and ‘nonjudgmental acceptance of moment-to-moment experience’ has been found in a number of systematic reviews to be associated with a range of aspects of psychological wellbeing, including increased subjective well-being, reduced psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression, and less emotional reactivity, both in adults and in children.

Although research on the effectiveness of mindfulness based interventions has increased over the last ten years, further research is still needed particularly in terms of its effectiveness with high risk groups (e.g. substance dependent parents). Nationally the Mindful UK cross-party collaboration group at the House of Commons report, released in June 2015, supports research in mindfulness in the above areas.

The Mindfulness Research Network overall aim is to advance understanding about mindfulness by bringing together a range of experts nationally and internationally, and creating opportunities for funding applications to undertake further research. The group has the support of leading senior researchers with a strong track record in their respective areas.


For more information, see Mindfulness Research Network

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