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Multisensory Personalised Virtual Experiences for Improving Healthcare


The proposed network will seek to improve wellbeing using emerging virtual reality technology to provide bespoke multisensory experiences in a safe and controlled manner. In particular the network will consider healthy ageing and alternative forms of treatment. The vision is to provide a step change in people’s behaviour for the better through the delivery of personalised multisensory stimuli. Recent major advances in multisensory augmented reality, the authentic simulation of real experiences, and a far deeper understanding of factors that can contribute to human behaviour will be combined to study how human behaviour might be modified and quality of life improved.
The network brings together multi-disciplinary experts from across the University of Warwick, including behavioural scientists, technologists, psychologists, educators, and domain experts. This multi-disciplinary team will be in a strong position to put together major research bids both nationally and internationally. The network is led by Chalmers, an expert in high-fidelity multisensory (visuals, audio, feel, smell and taste) virtual experiences, Meyer, a psychologist with 20 years’ experience in research into psychological health and wellbeing, and Vlaev a world-leading researcher in decision making.

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This GRP network provides a unique opportunity to facilitate the interaction of academics from across the University of Warwick to tackle a highly multidisciplinary problem: The use of new virtual reality techniques to help improve mental health for all.

Through our GRP network activities we will build the necessary collaborative links in order to provide the strong foundation for future joint research.