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Healthy Ageing

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Warwick research informs understanding of many of the biological and social factors that influence lifelong health and wellbeing and the ageing process. For example, we study how iron in the brain influences degenerative diseases, how the human immune response is affected by ageing, and the links between sleep disorders and cognitive decline. Our work on lifestyle choices, mental health and public health policies shows how these can contribute to healthy ageing.

Early Diagnosis and Treatment


Warwick innovations in biomarkers, biosensors, imaging techniques and wearable devices have contributed to new ways of diagnosing and treating health conditions affecting many people.

For example, our innovations help to diagnose and treat many infections and cancers, as well as recurrent miscarriage, obesity and Type 2 diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Other researchers at Warwick specialise in big data modelling and bioinformatics to inform diagnosis and treatment.

Health in Resource Poor Settings


The Warwick Centre for Applied Health Research & Delivery works with resource limited countries to improve health systems through research and leadership development.

For example, Warwick works with local partners to improve obstetric and neonatal care, assess the effectiveness of home-based HIV testing, and improve diabetes care. We seek to strengthen local health systems through working with community health workers, training non-physician clinicians, and providing relevant doctoral training for the health leaders of tomorrow.