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Warwick Institute for the Science of Cities (WISC)

To enable future cities to deliver services effectively, efficiently and sustainably, while keeping their citizens safe, healthy, prosperous, and well informed, requires a step-change in knowledge and understanding. WISC focuses on the means to gather city-scale data, and the apparatus to transform this data into knowledge, capitalising on emerging developments in big data and in interdisciplinary solutions to global urban challenges.


Through the Warwick Institute for the Science of Cities, Warwick brings its own strengths in areas including:

  • Data Science and Analytics, visualisation, data mining, machine learning, data streaming and on- and off-line analytics; Sensor and Wireless Networks, in areas from microelectronics to the design of resilient overlay networks for large-scale sensor deployment
  • Social and Media Networks, smarter analysis of textual data and text mining of data drawn from social media and using social informatics to learn more about the ‘mood’ of urban citizens and organisations relating to the issues that surround them
  • Science and Technology for Health, from the mathematical modelling of the spread of infectious disease, to the study of mental health in large urban areas
  • Video and Image Processing, including tracking and face recognition in crowds, and forensics of on-line digital documents; Intelligent Infrastructure, such as health monitoring and damage detection of structures such as roads, bridges and buildings
  • Urban Resilience, in support of security, counter-terrorism, urban governance and urban regeneration and planning
  • Data Management and Privacy, including issues of data governance and professional practice, to techniques for the anonymisation of data
  • Energy Solutions, such as the design of cheap efficient solar cells, to energy management

Professor Jon Coaffee, Director of WISC

Jon Coaffee is Director of WISC and a Professor in Urban Geography in the Department of Political Science and International Studies.

Dr João Porto de Albuquerque, Co-Director of WISC

João Porto de Albuquerque is Co-Director of WISC, and Associate Professor in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies.