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Training Calendar

Note: attendance is free for all courses listed here, and all are open to all staff and students at Warwick or other universities in the HPC Midlands+ consortium, however, accomodation, subsistence and travel is not provided for. See here for information about travelling to the University of Warwick.

Space is sometimes limited, so please do follow the links under 'More Information' to sign-up, and contact rse{at} if you find you can no longer attend.

Wed 20 Mar, '19
Intermediate MPI
A0.01 Zeeman

A follow on to basic MPI covering trickier topics. To benefit from this course, you MUST be able to write programs in Fortran and/or C, and have written working MPI programs. If you've never written MPI programs, we recommend our Introduction to MPI, run every December. If you are unsure try our decider page.

Wed 27 Mar, '19
Accelerating Python
A0.01 Zeeman
Python has many advantages as a programming language, especially for quick prototypes and proofs of concept. Often though, with a little work these programs can be optimised: particularly important if they are to be used repeatedly for long-running calculations. In some cases run times can be reduced from days to hours or better.
This workshop starts with profiling, to find out which parts of the code are taking the most time and then discusses some ways of speeding up code, while keeping a user-friendly Python interface. Perhaps most importantly we try to do this while keeping a working code at all times, so you can keep doing research. We demonstrate with real examples of numerical problems, such as matrix calculations and planetary orbits.