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Note: attendance is free for all courses delivered by the RSE team. These are open to all staff and students at Warwick or other universities in the HPC Midlands+ consortium, however, accomodation, subsistence and travel is not provided for. See here for information about travelling to the University of Warwick.

Courses run by IT Services at Warwick (ITS) are only available to university staff and students.

Space is sometimes limited, so please do follow the links under 'More Information' to sign-up, and contact rse{at} if you find you can no longer attend.

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Introduction to Software Development

Location: R0.41

Aimed at PhD students with some basic programming knowledge (simple scripts or compiled programs), this course develop the skills to write usable, professional software. We cover code design, licensing, debugging, testing, version control and code building and sharing. If you attended our afternoon short in October and want to put the things you heard about into practice, this is your chance.


ability to write simple code. Examples focus on C/C++, Fortran and Python, but you can follow the sessions in any languauge.

Taking place in R0.41 (under the library). Attendance is limited to 35.

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