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  1. Hello,

    I try to compile a set of MPI code on my Desktop and have the errors as given

    io_interp.f90(204): error #6401: The attributes of this name conflict with those made accessible by a USE statement. [NXO]
    integer, intent(OUT) :: nxo,nyo,nzo
    io_interp.f90(204): error #6445: A dummy argument is required in this context. [NXO]
    integer, intent(OUT) :: nxo,nyo,nzo

    You can find necessary files as attached.

    These errors are only an example. Full error list can be found in errors.txt file. Main Makefile refers to the additional files in platform folder. And I use Makefile.Inc.x86-32 to compile on my desktop.

    My loaded modules for compilation are:

    1) intel/2017.4.196-GCC-6.4.0-2.28     2) impi/2017.3.196     3) imkl/2017.3.196     4) FFTW/3.3.6

    Kind regards,

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  2. Hi,

    your problem is caused by the fact that at line 198 of io_interp.f90 you explicitly "Use shared_interp" so bring all of the symbols from that module into decomp_2d_read_head3d. Since that module has a variable "nxo" defined at line 7 that causes a collision with the "nxo" argument to decomp_2d_read_head3d. To fix it (assuming that you need other variables from shared_interp) you will either have to rename the "nxo" argument to decomp_2d_read_head3d and replace all uses of nxo in that function with the new variable name or replace the simple "use shared_interp" with "use shared_interp, only ..." and replace ... with a comma separated list of the variables that you want to use in decomp_2d_read_head3d.

    Hope this helps,

    Chris Brady