This forum is intended to be a place where users can interact easily with the Research Software Engineering group. The aim is to encourage user to submit questions about either using or developing software, and hope that either the RSE group or other users in the university can help you with them. We are part of the SCRTP, but this forum is intended for everyone working with any software on any type of computer (as far as we are able to). We will try to reply to every problem that's posted here as quickly as possible, but there are no dedicated support staff for this forum so there might be a delay until you get a reply. As with all fora there are rules, in order of decreasing importance they are

1) All interactions must be civil and professional. Rude or inappropriate comments will be deleted without warning.

2) We encourage users who have solutions to posted problems to post their solutions. Posts that are incorrect, involve advice that breeches SCRTP or University rules or are generally unhelpful to the discussion will be deleted without warning

3) If your posting is identified as a problem with a managed computer system we will redirect you to either IT Services or through the SCRTP Bugzilla system. The RSE group will not attempt to assist with problems that should be raised as formal issues with a managed system

4) If you find out a solution to your own problem then please post that solution here too. There are often plenty of other people in the same boat.