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Sustainability Spotlight: Mapping Sustainability Research at Warwick

Date: Thursday 4th July 2024

Time: 09:30 - 14:00

Venue: Wolfson Research Exchange, Library, Warwick University



On April 29, 2024, the University of Warwick launched six new Research Spotlight initiatives aimed at cultivating interdisciplinary research capability and fostering a vibrant interdisciplinary research culture both within and beyond the university. One of these initiatives is the Sustainability Spotlight, intending to bring together a community of researchers working on sustainability.

Aim of the event

We aim to develop ‘an interconnected web of meaningful relationships’ across and beyond Warwick, with a focus on sustainability in line with the University’s Sustainability & Research Strategies. To do so, the Sustainability Spotlight is organising a “time to talk” event on 4 July 2024 (9.00-14.00), to bring together internal stakeholders across Warwick, to conjointly develop the Spotlight’s strategic priorities and formulate its key cross-cutting activities for the future.

What will happen on the day
  • At the event, there will be an opportunity to learn more about the Sustainability Spotlight at Warwick
    • Through facilitated networking and a mini road-mapping activity, participants will identify ways to engage with the Spotlight, and network with other researchers. Particular focus will be on the ECRs and ways to integrate them the Spotlight
    • There will also be a roundtable discussion on how the Sustainability Spotlight could contribute to Warwick’s wider Sustainability Strategy, regionally, nationally and globally.
    Who should attend

    Researchers and professional staff at all levels who are involved in sustainable research at Warwick are encouraged to join us. We welcome diverse voices as we collaborate to shape the future of interdisciplinary sustainability research excellence at Warwick.

    What is the Sustainability Spotlight?

    The Sustainability Spotlight currently brings together five large research networks spanning the University’s three faculties, schools, and research centres:

    The Institute for Global Sustainable Development (IGSD), the lead of the initiative

    Environmental Humanities

    Complex environmental systems

    Sustainable societies and innovation

    Sustainable critical materials

    Our vision is to continue a thriving community to support Sustainability research at Warwick and beyond.


    Time Activity


    Arrival and Registration


    Getting Started: Sustainability Connection Building

    The Sustainabililty Spotlight Ambitions and Overview of our Launch

    • Welcome from Elena Korosteleva
    • Introducing the Spotlight leads and their networks


    Horizon Scanning

    What are our experiences of sustainability networks/research at Warwick?

    What opportunities are there for strengthening and integrating interdisciplinary collaboration?


    Interdisciplinary Collaborations

    How can we ensure researchers at all levels are prepared to submit large interdisciplinary bids?

    What are the best ways/practice to build a joined-up platform for ECRs across Warwick working on sustainability?




    Making an Impact

    How can we use the Sustainability Spotlight to increase the visibility of our Sustainability Research nationally and internationally?

    What are the pathways for more impactful sustainability research


    Fireside Chat, Reflective Summary and Next Steps


    Wrap Up




    Registration Closed 2/07/24 - 16:00