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Technician Profile: Vin Perry French


Vin Perry French - Energy Innovation Centre, WMG

Vin tells us about his current role, how he began working at Warwick and his future plans.

What does your role involve?

Primarily, my core duties are supporting the reel-to-reel coating and auxiliary equipment in a Lithium battery scale up line. This branches out into a wide array of duties including:
• Maintenance and continued development of equipment.
• Supervision of academics, researchers and contractors during project work and planned maintenance.
• Management of laboratory facilities including consumables, gases and safety equipment.
• Drive good working practices and a health and safety conscious approach to processes.

When did you join Warwick?

I joined WMG in June 2018. I was attracted by the chance to be involved in the rapid growth of the battery industry and be part of the pioneering research taking place here. Since joining on a fixed term contract, I have been taken on in a permanent role.

What qualifications and roles did you have before this?

Before WMG, I have been involved in several industries from automotive, civil engineering and tool manufacturing. In that time, I have held roles that include Quality Control, Research and Development and Continuous Improvement Engineering. This breadth of experience has allowed me to pick up an array of skills. I have also completed a Foundation Degree in Engineering.

What training and development have you received at Warwick?

Since starting, I have been encouraged to reach out for the vast amount of training opportunities available here. These include functional training that allow me to be better at my job (High Voltage Awareness, Manual Handling, Gas Cylinder Safety, Liquid Nitrogen Handling) and also to be certified (NEBOSH). WMG are also committed to personal development and I have been able to attend courses that may be useful further down the line (Preparing to Manage and Influencing Skills). I’ve barely scratched the surface on what is available here.

What are your future plans?

For the time being, I have a lot of work to do improving the laboratories in the Energy Innovation Centre but I am always looking for opportunities to expand my skills and experiences. I hope to continue to drive change within WMG no matter which roles I undertake.

Anything you would have done differently or advice you would give to others?

The best advice I ever received was ‘Learn everything that no one else wants to learn’. Do this for long enough and you become invaluable. A desire for continuous improvement and an open mind to change have always served me well.