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TC Project Review

Review of the Technician Commitment project

We are updating and reviewing our Technician Commitment 2-year action plan and wanted to remind you of the progress made in year and to ask for your help. We have two questionnaires we would like you to complete, one for reviewing progress in year two and the second questionnaire is your chance to tell us your priorities for the next three years.

Help us to help you

We need your help to complete our review of the first two years, and also to formulate our next three year action plan.

  • What have you done in the last two year and how has that helped you. Please complete this TC progress so far questionnaire
  • What would you like to see the Technician Commitment project team working on to support you over the next three years. Please complete this TC Forward Look Questionnaire

We can’t do this without you – your views are vital to the success of this initiative. By responding to these questionnaires and engaging with us it sends a message to Senior Management about what is important to Technicians that could help to make being a Technician at Warwick a career of choice for the future.