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Progress so far

Review of the Technician Commitment project

We are updating and reviewing our Technician Commitment 2-year action plan and wanted to remind you of the progress made in year and to ask for your help in reviewing progress in year two. Please complete the short questionnaire below.

Year One – Progress so far

  • Technician Job Family and Career Pathway created and approved
  • Development opportunities piloted including face to face training sessions, informal placements and exchanges
  • Work-shadowing and mentoring procedure completed for implementation
  • Communication methods launched including Website, newsletter and twitter
  • Technicians online skill directory launched to aid development opportunities
  • Brochure published containing useful information for technicians
  • Events showcasing technicians including Papin Prize Awards
  • Amendment to the recruitment policy around interview panels
  • Fair attribution policy
  • Focus Groups and Update sessions

Year Two – Review of the year

  • Possible Technician champions or ways to engage with the Steering Group
  • Further changes to departmental induction processes and interview panels
  • Further work on fair attribution and acknowledgement for technicians
  • Review and promote the success of the professional registration scheme
  • Reviewing success of, and support for, award nominations
  • Progress the implementation of the job family
  • Review the scheme for outgoing and incoming placements


Please provide responses to as many of the questions as you wish – we appreciate your honesty in your responses



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