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Bayesian Decision Support for Frustrating Violent Criminals

Bayesian Decision Support for Frustrating Violent Criminals

Professor Jim Smith (Department of Statistics)


In an era of radicalisation, an increasing number of individuals are determined to undermine our democratic institutions through deadly attacks on the general public. Policing to mitigate this threat in a proportionate but effective way is challenging.

This talk will outline work at the Alan Turing institute where Bayesian methodologies have been harnessed to support the frustration of such endeavours. The talk will begin with a description of the development of a model to help evaluate - in real-time - the threat currently posed by triaged suspects before moving on to present more recent models of violent gangs.

Professor Jim Smith will finish the talk by briefly discussing spin-off work concerning models to protect computer systems from the criminal exfiltrate of sensitive documents and models to help catch modern-day slavers.

Professor Jim Smith

Date and time

Date: November 9th, 2021

Time: 10.00 to with 5 minute Q&A

Location: Online - Secure your place 

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