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NLP for Mental Health and Social Media

NLP for Mental Health and Social Media

Dr Maria Liakata (Department of Computer Science)


Collecting together microblogs representing opinions about the same topics within the same timeframe is useful to a number of different tasks and practitioners. A major question is how to evaluate the quality of such thematic clusters.

Maria will discuss the task of evaluating thematic coherence on the basis of a corpus created from three different domains and distinct time windows and the introduction of different metrics for the task as well as the results of our experiments, showing the clear benefits of text generation metrics.

She will also discuss the effect of this work on downstream tasks such as automated multi-document opinion summarisation.

Dr Maria Liakata

Date and time

Date: November 10th, 2021

Time: 10:35 to with 5 minute Q&A

Location: Online - Secure your place 

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