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Ms Jo Trowsdale

I am keen to discover and contribute to how the Warwick Cultural Commission can better represent the roles the arts and culture play in society. I am interested in culture as ‘ordinary’: variously owned, co-constructed and thus connecting. I am also interested in how ordinary culture can foster commitment and discipline, feed talent and inspire the extraordinary.

My particular focus is upon educational spaces for nurturing cultural values, habits, skills and talents and how arts and culture can act as motivators and enablers of learning.

Within these two foci I am interested also in how the arts offer both connected/common and particular opportunities to create and articulate valued understandings in languages which are widely felt and known by the general population. Yet these valued ‘felt’ understandings appear to struggle for recognition amongst specialist academic and policymaker audiences.


Jo Trowsdale is Associate Professor of Arts and Culture in the Institute of Education. Jo was Creative Director for Creative Partnerships in Coventry and for Cre8us, CSWP in Coventry Solihull and Warwickshire 2004-11 At Warwick she is a Professional Studies and Drama Education tutor, largely on secondary courses. Previously she was the first Education Liaison Officer at Warwick Arts Centre and a Head of Drama and English teacher in several schools.

Jo's research interests centre around the interface between arts, culture and education, with particular interest in how people and organisations create porous and adaptive ways of working to innovate and grow.

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Email: o dot trowsdale at warwick dot ac dot uk

Jo Trowsdale