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Professor Gillian Lewando-Hundt


Gillian Lewando-Hundt is Professor of Social Sciences in Health. She is Co-Director of the Institute of Health, which conducts health related social science research, and Deputy Chair of the School of Health & Social Studies at the University of Warwick.

Her research is in the area of gender, ethnicity and promoting equity in health. It ranges from the practical such as setting up new service models like mobile provision for The Bedouin home hospice care, postnatal care at clinics for infants to the theoretical such as ideas of risk, the social construction of statistics, and the social impact of innovative medical technologies.

Her research programme is Local Voices and Action on Global Health Issues and focuses on community perceptions of health. Her work addresses global issues of power, discrimination and inequity in different local contexts.

Currently, she is conducting research in England, South Africa and the Middle East. Her areas of interest within these broad themes are lay views of health and illness, the links between policy and practice, health inequalities in relation to gender, ethnicity, disability and social exclusion, and user involvement.

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Email: Gillian dot Hundt at warwick dot ac dot uk

Gillian Lewando-Hundt