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Dr Rachel Moseley

The goals of the commission, and the questions it will ask, are closely related to my long-standing research interests in film, television and the visual arts. I am committed to the interrogation of the politics of cultural, regional and national representation and to exploring the relationships between identity and culture, particularly in relation to visual and audio-visual media. I am passionate about the continued importance of understanding the term 'culture' in the widest possible definition, and about the significance of improving education in order to develop informed producers and consumers of British culture in all its forms.


Rachel Moseley is Associate Professor in Film & Television Studies. She is currently working on an interdisciplinary project on representations of the South West of England in film, television, art and literature. This project continues her interests in film, television and representation, but also draws on her longstanding interests in art history and literature.

As a member of the Midlands Television Research Group, she has also been involved in research on lifestyle programming and makeover shows on British television. This continues in her work on the history of television for women. In Summer 2010, with Helen Wheatley and Helen Wood (De Montfort University), she began work on an AHRC-funded, large-scale research project on the history of television for women in Britain. The project brings together archival and audience research methods in order to map this untold history and explore women viewers’ memories of the television that has been addressed to them.

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Email: Rachel dot Moseley at warwick dot ac dot uk

Rachel Moseley