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Ms Dinah Caine CBE

I am delighted that the University of Warwick has chosen this year to focus through one of its highly respected independent Commissions on examining the future of Cultural Value. It could not be more timely and relevant. Cultural value, in its fullest sense, is so significant to people’s lives and to the health and wealth of our nation. To be invited to take time, stand back, debate and reach conclusions with a great group of people with exceptional expertise and knowledge is a privilege and a task I very much look forward to.

In my day job I lead an organisation whose role is to support education, skills and talent development for the Creative Industries and have therefore been asked to help particularly with the strand of work which looks at the importance of creative education to the development of talent and participation in culture. One of the issues that, in my view, we need to focus on is whether separating science and arts, creativity and technology in the education system delivers the kind of provision that aligns to where the nation’s cultural values and needs are now and where they need to be in the future.


Dinah Caine is Chief Executive Officer of Creative Skillset. She is a member of the Creative Industries Council (CIC) and Chairs the CIC Creative Skillset Skills Group, whose 2012 report was fully endorsed by the Industry and Government, and is now in implementation. She serves on the Ministerial Advisory Group on Skills and is a member of the National Skills Forum & Associate Parliamentary Skills Group.

She has previously served under two Mayors as an Advisor on the London Skills and Employment Board, on the Joint Board of the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen, and as a Board member of the Northern Ireland Film & TV Commission.

She is a member of the British Screen Advisory Council and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Television Society for her outstanding contribution to the Television Industry in 2002.

Dinah was awarded the OBE for her services to the Media Industries in the Queen's Golden Jubilee Honours List in 2002, and was awarded the CBE for her services to the Creative Industries in the Queen's Birthday Honours List in 2013.

Dinah Caine