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Professor Nick Chater

Why I've joined the Warwick Commission:

One of the most fundamental issues in philosophy and the social sciences is the origin of value: what makes some goods, services, and activities more valuable than others? For items that can be traded, economic theory can be viewed as giving a particular answer: that value is reflected in price, and price is shaped by the forces of supply and demand. But is 'culture' a good that can be traded? Is its 'value' reflected in price alone? If not, how do we understand the value of culture in meaningful terms?


Nick Chater joined Warwick Business School in 2010, after holding chairs in psychology at Warwick and UCL.

He has over 200 publications, has won four national awards for psychological research, and has served as Associate Editor for the journals Cognitive Science, Psychological Review, and Psychological Science.

He was elected a Fellow of the Cognitive Science Society in 2010 and a Fellow of the British Academy in 2012. Nick is co-founder of the research consultancy Decision Technology; and is on the advisory board of the Cabinet Office's Behavioural Insight Team (BIT), popularly know as the ‘Nudge Unit'.

Nick Chater