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Education and Training Research

Crafts Council (2014) Our Future is in the Making: An Education Manifesto for Craft and Making
ACE & Consilium Research and Consultancy (2014) Equality and diversity within the arts and cultural sector in England: Evidence and literature review final report
    This report establishes a baseline of data, evidence and research about equality and diversity across the arts and cultural sector.
Smith S, M Choueiti, E Scofield, & K Pieper (2013) Gender Inequality in 500 Popular Films: Examining On-Screen Portrayals and Behind-the-Scenes Employment Patterns in Motion Pictures Released between 2007-2012
    Report by Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism
University of Southern California
Smith SL, M Choueiti, & K Pieper (2013) Race/Ethnicity in 500 Popular Films: Is the Key to Diversifying Cinematic Content held in the Hand of the Black Director?
    Report by the Media Diversity & Social Change Initiative, University of Southern California
Britain Thinks, Research Bods (2013) (EX)ASPIRATION NATION
    A study on the aspirations and expectations of young people and their parents
Alexandra A, H Bakhshi,
S Mitchell and R Smithies
(2014) Publicly-funded arts as an R&D lab for the creative industries? A survey of theatre careers in the UK
    Report by Creative and Cultural Skills, ACE & NESTA
BFI Film Fund (2014) Diversity Guidelines for Production
    Guidelines outlining the Film Fund’s focus on improving the diversity of supported feature film productions and production companies
Jonathan Schifferes, Jocelyn Cunningham and Siobhan McAndrew (2014) Channelling Talent: The role of social networks in recognising and rewarding talent in the music industry 

Report by the RSA Action and Research Centre

Social Mobility and the Child Poverty Commission


Elitist Britain?


Detailed analysis on 4,000 business, political, media and public sector leaders reveals grip of private schools and Oxbridge

Fiske, Edward B


Champions of Change: The impact of the arts on learning


An American report based on longitudinal research by The Arts Education Partnership & The President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities

CASE (the culture and sport evidence programme)


Understanding the impact of engagement in culture and sport


A systematic review for DCMS of the learning impacts of culture and sport for young people

Roberts, Paul


Nurturing Creativity in Young People A report to Government to inform future policy


DCMS commissioned report designed to inofrm future policy on creativity in education



PISA 2012 Results: Creative Problem Solving: Students’ skills in tackling real-life problems (Volume V)


An assessment of student performance in creative problem solving across 44 countries



A Manifesto for the Creative Economy


A 10-point plan to bolster the creative industries

Greevy, Helen; Knox, Anastasia; Nunney, Fay & Julia Pye


Revised: The effects of the English Baccalaureate


Ipsos MORI report for DfE

Pomegranate & TBR


Studying craft: trends in craft education and training


Crafts Council report on craft education and training

Rizvi, Saad; Donnelly, Katlyn; Barber, Michael IPPS


Oceans of innovation: The Atlantic, the Pacific, global leadership and the future of education


A long essay exploring education in the Pacific Region

President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities


Reinvesting in Arts Education Winning America’s Future Through Creative Schools


American in-depth review of the current condition of arts education

Simon, Nathan


Skills for the creative industries Investing in the talents of our people


A brief from CBI giving reccomendations to ensure the UK’s creative industries have the skills to retain their competitive edge

Lord, Pippa; Dawson, Anneka; Featherstone, Gill &
Caroline Sharpe


London Schools Research: Cultural Engagement


NfER Report for A New Direction on cultural education in London schools

Ipsos MORI & DfE


Evaluation of the Find your Talent Programme


Baseline quantitative findings from ten Find Your Talent programmes

Ewing, Robyn


The Arts and Australian education: Realising potential


A report commissioned by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

Baronness Kay Andrews (2014) Culture and Poverty: Harnessing the power of the arts, culture and heritage to promote social justice in Wales
    A report commissioned by the Welsh Government
Bunting, Catherine for A.N.D (2013) A New direction Cultural engagement by young Londoners: an introduction to key trends, drivers and challenges
    A piece of research investigating patterns of engagement of young Londoners aged 11-25 with cultural opportunities and reflecting on factors that may be influencing them
ACE & Creative and Cultural Skills
(2011) 'Internships for the Arts'

  A guide for arts organisations with extensive information about internships and legal rights
CASE (2010) 'Understanding the Impact of Engagement in Culture and Sport'
    A systematic review of the research on the learning outcomes for young people participating in the arts
Creative and Cultural Skills
    An overview of skills (required/available) and access to the design sector in the UK
Creative Skillset (2011) 'Sector Skills Assessment for the Creative Media Industries in the UK'

  An overview of the skills required and their availability for the creative industries in the UK
Cultural Learning Alliance
(2013) 'The Case for Cultural Learning: Key Research Findings'
    The CLA produced this report to meet a demand for evidence in favour of cultural learning
DCMS (2012) '£15m to be invested in cultural education'

  DCMS's plans to invest more in cultural education in response to the Henley Reviews
DCMS (2013) 'Cultural Education: A Summary of Programmes and Opportunities'
    The report sets out DCMS's plan and provides an overview of the current programmes open to schools
(2011) 'The Importance of Music: A National Plan for Music Education'
    DfE's response to the Henley Reviews of culture and music education in England
Henley, D. (2010) 'Music Education in England: A Review for the DfE and DCMS'
    An overview of music education across England and recommendations for its improvement
Henley, D. (2011) 'Cultural education in England: An Independent Review for the DCMS and DfE'
    An overview of cultural education widely across England and recommendations for its improvement
NFER & Shared Intelligence
(2012) 'Raising the Standard of Work by,with and for Children and Young People: Research and Consultation to Understand the Principles of Quality'
    A review of the hallmarks of quality and impact of working with young people in arts organisations