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Investment Research

Don't forget more information can be found on 'Investment' data via the page of the Commission's first theme here, and our brief on the topic here. A more substantial list of budgets and financial reports from various arts funders can be found in the Commissioner Day 1 bibliography, here.

Baeck,P., Collins, Land Bryan Zhang, NESTA and University of Cambridge

(2014) Understanding Alternative Finance: The UK Alternative Finance Industry Report
Gimore, A (2014) Raising our quality of life: The importance of investment in arts and culture
Stark P, D Powell and C Gordon (2014) The PLACE Report - Policy for the Lottery, the Arts and Community in England
    Independent report on the distribution of Lottery money by ACE
DCMS (2014) Creative Industries Economic Estimates, January 2014, Statistical Release
    Official Statistics used to measure the direct economic contribution of the Creative Industries to the UK
Visit England (2014) Visitor Attraction Trends in England 2013

A report presenting the findings of the Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions undertaken in England
by VisitEngland

Creative Industries Council


Create UK - Creative Industries Strategy


A report outlining the context, recommendations and success measures for ensuring the UK's creative industries remain a success story.

Arts and Business


'Where is Private Investment to the Arts going? Arts & Business Private Investment in Culture Survey 2011/12'

  Infographic and report about the trends of business investment in the arts
Arts Council England (2013) 'Great Art and Culture for Everyone: Ten Year Strategic Framework, 2010-2020'
    The Arts Council's strategic approach to arts investment and development
Arts Council England (2011) 'Arts Audiences: Insight

  A summary of Arts Council research on the 'segments' of audiences of the various arts
Arts Council England (2010) Arts Engagement in England 2008/09. Findings from the Taking Part Survey

A review of the findings of the DCMS 'Taking Part' survey, with useful information on social demographics
Creative Skillset (2012) 'Employment Census of the Creative Media Industries'
    Extensive information about the demographics of the creative industries in the UK
DCMS (2012) 'Taking Part Survey': 2011-2012'

DCMS's major survey of aspects of leisure, culture and sport in England, with socio-demographic information
Gordon, P., D. Powell
& C. Stark
(2013) 'Rebalancing our Cultural Capital: A Contribution to the Debate on National Policy for the Arts and Culure in England'
    A polemical report on the imbalance of national arts funding between London and the regions
Local Government Association (2013) 'Driving Growth through Local Government Investment in the Arts'

  The LGA's report on investment in arts and its economic benefits at the local level
National Campaign
for the Arts
(2013) 'Arts Index: A Measure of the Vitality of Arts and Culture in England'
  A 'health check' of arts organisations in the UK produced by the NCA and distributed by the Guardian
The National Council
for Voluntary Organisations
(2011) The UK Volunary Sector Workforce Almanac 2011
    NVCO's extensive study of volunteering, including data on cultural volunteers and economic impact
RSA and Arts Council England (2013) 'Towards Plan A: A New Political Economy for Arts and Culture'
    Four papers and an introduction based on seminars between the RSA and ACE, on the current arts economy
Selwood, S. (ed.) (2001) The UK Cultural Sector: Profile and Policy Issues , London: Policy Studies Institute
    An extensive and important snapshot of all aspects of the cultural investment at the turn of the century
UNESCO (2013) 'Creative Economy Report. 2013 Special Edition: Widening Local Development Pathways' 
    An international perspective on investment in the arts, emphasising its impact and encouraging attendance