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Winners 2016


We are pleased to announce the winners of this year's Outstanding Student Contribution Awards, as chosen by a panel made up of members of the University's Executive Team, an external member of University Council and the Students' Union President, Isaac Leigh.

Chloe Wynne


Chloe has contributed to the Warwick community in a number of ways: during her tenure as Women’s Officer she has designed digestible campaigns on sexual consent, free periods, and women in leadership. This work really cannot be underestimated in its social value and importance.

Chloe has served on the executive committees of The Boar, Warwick TV, Warwick Racing and Warwick Labour, committing herself to a broad range of interests in sport, media, marketing and publicity. This work has not gone unnoticed, as Chloe has been nominated for and won an array of university and national awards for her work with RaW Radio, Warwick TV and The Boar. Further, being the first female on Boar Sports executive team, and the first female head of Warwick TV Sport, Chloe has arguably faced the double burden of proving herself not only as a writer but also as a female sport fan.


Stan Jallot


Throughout his time at Warwick, Stan has always been proactively seeking ways to work with other national and international students in order to create opportunities with the goal to maximize their social opportunities in the UK and abroad.

He started with the organization of trips and events through Warwick societies as well as personal social connections and then progressed in getting a more central role in Warwick student life.

Stan took his 3rd year out and spent it in Chile where he was an ambassador for Warwick creating connections that would benefit students and the University.

Stan was the driving force behind the cycle hire scheme which is now firmly established on campus. They devised the business plan, undertook extensive initial market research with students and worked with university staff exploring and developing the final business case and proposition. This led to the delivery of our cycles by ‘nextbike’ in 2015. A fundamental principle of our scheme is that it is 'for students, by students' and Stan and Gal have marketed that concept incredibly well, resulting in a great start for the scheme.


 Vishal Chauhan


The Environmental Sustainability team and Warwick Accommodation have worked closely with Vishal over the past few years and he will leave a lasting, positive legacy to the University community and beyond.

As a founding member of Rawkus Rethinking Waste, Vishal has worked tirelessly to engage students in food and food waste holding regular end of term collections from halls of residence and redistributing to charities. The operation has been running since 2013-14 and has grown to nearly 50 times its original size. In July 2015 over 10 tonnes of food waste was collected and donated to 6 local charities. This work also helps the clearing of halls ready for conferences.

Vishal is also instrumental in organising regular Disco Soup style events where food that would have gone to waste is cooked up in a fun and engaging workshop outside the SU. These events tend to engage approx. 400 students each time and raise awareness of food waste. Rawkus have also started collecting other items which are then given away in a Swap Shop or for a donation to charity.


Marissa Beatty


Marissa has been heavily involved in all aspects of university life since her first year when she devoted much of her time to promoting diversity and inclusion through the student-run organisation Sport Allies, which provided outreach programmes to young people in schools and universities. Marissa created publicity materials and organised the Sport Allies Week on campus, which included a diversity and inclusion sports day for 16 local schools.

Marissa has been a Student Trustee of the students union and chaired the Audit & Risk Subcommittee; she is looking forward to continuing as a trustee as Societies Officer next year.

Marissa has consistently demonstrated an entrepreneurial flair and a commitment to the university’s internationalisation agenda. For example the law society’s inaugural Careers Summit was organised solely by Marissa. The summit exposed law and non-law students to a number of career paths, both within and outside the legal profession, and saw 35 speakers from across the globe come to campus to deliver talks, panel events and breakout sessions to over 100 Warwick students across two days.


Liam Lewis


Liam has been very active within his department both during his undergraduate degree and throughout his Masters, earning himself a prestigious Wolfson PhD scholarship to continue his studies next year. He has been a key part of the 'Medievalists at Warwick' group, helping to increase the frequency of their meetings from termly to almost weekly, helping with the practicalities of the Medieval Seminar Series and creating and leading the student project, 'Medieval Song at Warwick', bringing together students from across disciplines to perform some medieval crusade lyrics at a number of events during term 3 and running workshops for first-year undergraduates.

Liam was funded last summer through IATL to attend the New Chaucer Society conference in Iceland, and this year will be chairing a panel and submitting a paper to the conference. Liam also contributes considerably to the wider community, both within and outside of Warwick. He is a member of the Yoga society and teaches lessons on campus, he has been part of OperaWarwick as choreographer and lead dancer in Hansel and Gretel, and he volunteers with youth theatre, recently taking part in a fundraiser to enable people with mental health difficulties to attend the shows. He is also heavily involved with the Huntington's Disease Youth Organisation, putting his degree work into practice as their Translations Coordinator and raising awareness of the disease in the University and the local area. Liam has also been a part of Warwick Welcome Service, and has volunteered locally in schools to promote the opportunity of university to underprivileged young people.


Megan Stacey



Megan has helped others through Warwick based volunteer projects (the LAKSH foundation in India), international volunteer organisations (a project in Zambia) and local women’s charities (Kairos in Coventry).

Megan has a strong desire to help and support others and has done much work in the area of women’s education, health and exploitation. This has meant she has often found herself in difficult and challenging situations and has had to confront very sensitive issues including HIV, drug abuse and sexual exploitation. Her ability to deal with these situations calmly and to build supportive relationships with vulnerable people is exceptional.

In the local community she works with a local women’s charity called Kairos who support women at risk of sexual exploitation including sex workers. Megan helps out at drop-in sessions, giving out contraception, providing advice on STDs, giving out food stamps and arranging needle exchanges.


Nabila Kauser


Nabila was a Department of Economics Student Ambassador in all three years of her programme, acting as a mentor under the Department’s mentoring scheme.

In her final year, she worked on a projects with BRAC, collaborating with The World Bank and the Institute of Development Studies in Bangladesh, where she learnt the steps required to implement a slum-based project. She was involved in the initial research conducted for the project. It was an initiative for making better policies for migrants moving to Dhaka from other less-developed areas of the country in the future.

Nabila presented Warwick at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research in her first year at University as the only first-year student from Warwick Economics. Her abstract got accepted for inclusion and she completed a poster presentation at the conference held in University of Nottingham, where delegates came from all over UK universities and 10 different countries in the world. Nabila was one of the youngest presenters in the conference.


Nicolas Stephan Rivard



Throughout his time at Warwick, Nick has poured his heart and soul into making the student experience better for all. In particular, Nick’s efforts can be found in the areas of Arts, Academics and Careers. Nick has also been an avid member of the Choir and Chorus for 3 years now. In that time, he has sung in some 50 concerts at the University alone.

Never content to sit back, he will always push those around him to try harder, or simply try something new In his 2nd year, Nick was Director of Marketing for the TEDxWarwick society. Together with his team of 4x, Nick marketed both TEDxWarwick Salons, sold-out 1300+ tickets, launched TEDay and helped TEDxWarwick win Best Conference at the 2015 SocsAwards.

Through his role as EY (Ernst & Young) ambassador, Nick worked closely with the Economics Society. Together with the executive he helped organize key career events for members and secure EY as Gold sponsors for the 2015/16 academic year 'Econ Society' subsequently won Best Academic Society at the 2015 SocsAwards.

Simon Collier

Simon Collier OSCA

Simon has shown a sustained commitment to volunteering throughout the four years he has been a student at the University of Warwick. He has been involved in nine different student-led volunteering projects, volunteering over 100 hours of his time every year.

He has taken a pro-active approach to learning and has demonstrated his leadership qualities through his roles on the Warwick Volunteers Executive Committee and other Students’ Union societies. Through his own commitment and enthusiasm for volunteering, Simon demonstrated to other students that it is possible to fit in volunteering with academic work, even while doing a postgraduate degree. He has been an inspiration to everyone he has met.

Simon has taken an active part in student committees and last year he volunteered his time for The Children’s Society, a support youth group for refugee children in Coventry.

The President of Student Action for Refugees, Daisy-Ann Afrifa, said “Simon is always willing to take over other people's responsibilities when deadlines loom. Simon is truly an amazing person, he is supportive, understanding, genuine and so humble.”