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Exam Board Grids


For information on Exam Board grids in Tabula please see: 

These materials will explain what preparatory steps are required and which are not, so that Departments can work out what is best for their particular circumstances. Interested Departments may also attend a Tabula User Group Meeting, or contact the webteam on; please direct any queries about the Tabula grids to this email address.


These are an older development that was part of the EMU project.

These Exam Board grids were designed to reflect the most common grid layouts in use in the University at the time of their development. They are for departments' convenience, if individual departments would find them useful - there is no obligation at all to make use of them if departments prefer other locally-developed formats, nor to use the new Tabula grids (see above).

**In order to run these reports, you will need to be granted access - please contact to arrange this**.

The data contained in these grids is updated on a nightly basis to ensure a continuous access to the functionality at key times of the year. This means that marks added very late may not appear through the grids generated, and that the averages displayed may therefore require amendments. Course results in the grids are calculated from the modular data input.

The grids are available to download as an Excel file. When the report is ready, you will be prompted to save the file.

Arts and Social Sciences are calculated by taking the average mark for the 1st, Intermediate and Final year and applying a weighting 0:50:50; the weighting calculation for Sciences is 10:30:60.

Single -year grids:

These grids display all marks obtained by a student for the chosen year of study and level.

Grid S1

Grid S2

Grid S3

Grid S4 

Finalist grids:

These grids display all marks obtained by students in the finalist and intermediate years of study. As it displays a total average for the course, two versions of each grid are available to account for different course regulations.

Arts and Social Sciences Sciences
Grid F1 Grid F1
Grid F2 Grid F2
Grid F3 Grid F3
Grid F4 Grid F4



 Exam Grids Arts: Average and Classification Summary (2015) 

Resit grid:

This grid displays students who had resits without residence scheduled for the current academic year. These students will not appear on the other grids.

Resit Grid