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First Year Boards of Examiners - Student Pages

On this page, you will find below answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to how the First -Year Boards of Examiners process will affect you as a student and how you can assist in ensuring the process runs as smoothly as possible. This information should be read in conjunction with the "Quick Guide to First- Year Boards of Examiners".

It is important to note that the First-year Boards of Examiners' Secretariats for the relevant Faculty (see further information below) should be your first port of call for all queries concerning the First- Year Boards, unless your query is regarding individual marks or specific resits in which case you should contact your academic department.

Further information on the process may also be contained in your Departmental Handbook.

*Please note first-year undergraduate examination results are dealt with by the relevant Faculty Board Secretariat, not the Examinations Section of the Academic Office, which is unable to give you information about your first-year results*.

First, here are some important information points for first-year students who are required to sit or resit examinations in September 2019:

1. For students whose home residence is in China/Hong Kong/India :

We are able to offer some facilities for students whose home residence is in China/Hong Kong/India to sit September examinations in Hong Kong or New Delhi, which may be more convenient for such students. Please note, however, that these facilities are limited and therefore we cannot guarantee such arrangements for all possibly eligible students; available places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. A flat-rate fee of £169 will be charged for taking one or more examinations in the Hong Kong centre.

When September examination requirements are notified, the University's Examinations Office needs to know without delay, whether you would prefer to take advantage of these facilities:

  • If you DO NOT wish to take advantage of the Hong Kong or New Delhi facilities, then just complete the September registration form for resits or first sits (as appropriate) available via the link to the right of this page .
  • If you DO wish to take advantage of the Hong Kong or New Delhi facilities, please complete the Overseas Centre September Examination form, also available via a link on the right of this page, by Friday 26th July 2019 (in addition to the appropriate standard September exam registration web-form). The fee of £169 should be paid online through the finance tab on your student home page by Friday 30th August 2019. If the Examinations Office does not hear from you by Friday 26th July 2019 it will be expected that you will be returning to the University of Warwick for your September examinations. We regret we cannot accept late applications to sit in Hong Kong or New Delhi.

If you wish to apply to take your examinations in Hong Kong or New Delhi, please note that as well as submitting the Overseas Centre September Examination form, you also need to submit your standard September exam registration form for resits or first sits (as appropriate in your case), available via the links to the right of this page, and pay the related resit fee of £71 if appropriate.

2. Leave to Remain in the UK (if applicable):

If you require student entry clearance or leave to remain (a ‘visa’) to study in the UK, withdrawal from your course may affect your permission to remain in the UK. If you are sponsored by the University under Tier 4 of the Points Based System, the University is required to report to the Home Office when such a student is withdrawn from their course of study. This report will normally lead to the curtailment of the Tier 4 visa and students would be required to leave the UK. We recommend that you seek confidential advice about your situation from the International Student Office (+44 (0)24 7652 3706).

3. Accommodation at the University during the September examination period:

Please note that it is your own responsibility to book any overnight accommodation you may require during the September examination period. The University offers overnight accommodation, which can be booked by visiting the accommodation website via the link below. Accommodation will be offered on a first-come first-served basis as there is a limited number of rooms available. The booking form will be on the website below and must be filled in; full payment is required at time of booking. The booking form is set for a minimum of 5 nights stay; if you require fewer nights please email stating that you are here to sit exams and specifying the number of nights you require and the difference will be refunded to you.. The accommodation web address is: and the booking form will be available there all summer vacation until the last available night of stay. Please would you clearly state in the “reason for stay” box on the booking form that your reason is to sit September examinations. If you have any queries about accommodation please direct these to Warwick Accommodation (see website address above); please note that neither the Academic Office nor the First-year Boards of Examiners’ Secretaries are able to assist you with enquiries about accommodation.



What are First- Year Boards of Examiners?

Undergraduate students coming to the end of their first year of study in the Faculties of Arts, Social Sciences and Science will probably be aware from departmental handbooks and websites that the University operates a faculty-level tier of scrutiny of their performance this stage of their studies. This is designed to ensure that all students entering their second year of study, where they will undertake Honours level work, have performed consistently. Therefore, while meetings of departmental examiners take place to provide an overview of students’ performance, marks allocated and decisions taken concerning mitigating circumstances etc. at departmental level are only provisional in nature. Marks and decisions arrived at by such departmental meetings are referred to Faculty First- Year Boards of Examiners for consideration. It is important that all first- year undergraduate students are therefore aware of the First -Year Board of Examiners’ process, of the decisions that may be taken by such Boards and the implications of the decisions open to Boards. All first- year undergraduates should also take responsibility for developing an awareness of their role in the process; the stages at which they may need to take action and what support resources may be called upon.

Who sits on First-Year Boards of Examiners?
First- Year Boards of Examiners for each of the three Faculties concerned are composed largely of academic members of the relevant Faculty’s Undergraduate Studies Committee, suitably augmented. The constitutions are set out in Regulation 9.1 governing Boards of Examiners for First Degrees.

When do First- Year Boards of Examiners meet?
The dates of meetings of these Boards are published annually in the Committee Timetable. It is usual for only a few days at most to elapse between departmental first -year examiners' meetings and these Faculty-level Board meetings. The Boards are chaired by an academic member of staff from the Faculty and serviced by a team of administrators who may be based in departments in the faculty or in the central administration - contact details are available on the home page.

What are Faculty Secretariats?
Faculty Secretariats are teams of administrators who take the lead in gathering and collating marks from academic departments, presenting them to Board members, recording the decisions of Boards and communicating these decisions, and their implications, directly to students. Faculty Secretariats should in all instances act as a first port of call for students with queries or enquiries about the First- Year Board of Examiners process, if the query is not answered by these FAQs or the associated information in these webpages - contact details are available on the home page.

Queries about individual marks or specific resits should be directed to the academic department concerned. Please note that Faculty Board Secretariats are not able to answer such queries.

When will I hear about my first- year results?
Letters are typically sent to students by e-mail by Faculty Secretariats within 7 calendar days after the meeting of the relevant Board of Examiners to inform them of the outcome of consideration of their performance in the summer term examinations. Emails are sent to students' University email addresses. Students should therefore ensure they are aware of the date of the meeting of their First -Year Board of Examiners as set out in the Committee Timetable, following which results are typically displayed both in academic departments and in the atrium area of University House.

Queries about individual marks or specific resits should be directed to the academic department responsible.

What decisions can First -Year Boards of Examiners take?
Students should be aware of the decisions open to First -Year Boards at their Summer Term meetings, which are set out in Regulation 8 and include:

(a) To resolve that students be permitted to proceed to the second year of an Honours course;
(b) To resolve that students take further tests during the summer vacation; or
(c) To recommend that students withdraw from their course of study.

(NB the above list is not exhaustive and some additional decisions may apply in particular faculties).
Students who are recommended to withdraw from their course of study are nonetheless permitted, under Regulation 8, to take further tests in the summer vacation.

There is no possibility of appeal against a decision of the relevant Faculty First Year Board of Examiners relating to first sit performance in Summer Term examinations (unless a student is required to withdraw from his/her course of study).

What if I have to take resits?
Letters sent to students will set out clearly which additional tests they will be required to take and how and when to obtain information about when these tests must be completed.

Resit examinations take place at the University in the first full week in September (Monday - Friday). Students are advised not to make arrangements which will mean they are out of the country at this time.

 If I am an international student, do I have to come back to the UK in vacation time to take my resits?

The University has some ability provisionally to offer to international students whose home residence is in China/Hong Kong and India ONLY, the option to take their resits in Hong Kong or New Delhi. The number of places available is limited, however, and cannot be definitely determined until the September resit examination timetable has been published. If you are eligible to resit overseas in this way, you will be advised in the letter sent to you informing your of your resits by your Faculty Secretariat and you should complete and return the Overseas Centre September Examination Form by 27th July. Please note: if, owing to your personal circumstances, you are required to ‘resit without residence’ next summer (i.e. May/June 2019) this option will not be available to you.

If there are places available, students not resident in China/Hong Kong/India may sit in Hong Kong or New Delhi if they would prefer to (although first priority for places is given to students who are resident in China/Hong Kong/India).

International students required to take examinations in September must also consult the International Student Office's Immigration Service advice at:

Who can support and advise me about resits?

Students recommended to withdraw or required to take further tests (normally in September) should ensure that they are aware how to contact their departmental tutor or other suitable member of departmental academic staff and, as may be appropriate, take advice from the University Senior Tutor or staff in the Student Welfare Centre. Contacts set out in the Student Support Services portal at may be helpful.

How and when are resit marks considered?

Students required to take further tests should ensure that they are aware of the procedure for consideration of their performance in these additional tests. First -Year Boards of Examiners are typically re-convened during the penultimate week of September annually (precise dates are set out in the Committee Timetable) to consider the performance of students from Summer Term and September examinations where additional tests have been taken. The options open to these Boards are set out in Regulation 8 but, in summary, the Boards may take the following typical decisions:

(a) To resolve that students be permitted to proceed to the second year of an Honours course;
(b) To resolve that students be required to withdraw from their course of study.

Can I appeal against a Board's decision?
Students may only appeal against a decision that they be required to withdraw from their course of study (no appeal against any other decision is permitted). A single procedure exists for all students having been required to withdraw at the end of their first year of study and information may be found here. Students should note that appeals are only accepted using the prescribed form, and must be submitted within 10 University working days of notification of the outcome of the Board of Examiners meeting (that is, normally 10 University working days from the date of the letter or e-mail from the Faculty Board Secretariat) and on the basis of evidence being provided which was not available to the Board of Examiners when it took its decision and the student can provide good reason for not having made the Board of Examiners aware of this evidence previously. Whether there is a prima facie case for considering an appeal is determined by a Preliminary Review Panel comprised of the Chair of the First- Year Board of Examiners and the Chair of the Faculty Appeals Committee, following the forwarding of the appeal form to them by the Faculty Secretariat. Regulation 42 sets out the stipulations relating to presentation of grounds for an appeal. The Preliminary Review Panel will determine the course the appeal takes as set out under Regulation 42 .

What happens if I fail my resits and am required to withdraw?

Students in this position will receive a letter (by email) setting out this decision from the Faculty Secretariat, usually within 7 days after the meeting of the First- Year Board in September. Such students should be aware that they can nonetheless access the University’s Careers Centre for three months from the date of withdrawal, making use of the expertise of its staff and its online resources, see .

Colleagues in one of the University’s support services, accessible via the Student Support Services Portal at may also be able to assist.

What can I do to make communication relating to First -Year Boards of Examiners go as smoothly as possible?

All students should keep up- to- date their contact information, including home address, term-time address, e-mail and mobile telephone number on MyWarwick Student Data. It is particularly important that Faculty Secretariats are able to contact students when they are processing the decisions of First- Year Boards and it is the responsibility of students to ensure that their personal details are up-to-date. Students are therefore recommended to review the contact information held about them by the University in May, prior to Boards of Examiners meetings.

Students should check their University email account regularly or if necessary set up a forward to the email account used most frequently to ensure important correspondence is received.

Students! Please remember to keep your contact details up to date via and notify your Personal Tutor/Department of any mitigating circumstances.Check your Warwick email account regularly as the University will contact you under this address.

Registration Form for September examinations/assessments

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