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Assessed Work

Deadlines for Assessed Work

Academic departments are required to publish deadlines for the submission of all assessed work. You should read your course handbook or other departmental guidance carefully to ensure that you are aware of all the deadlines that apply to you and the procedure to follow if you think you might need to request an extension. Extensions are usually only granted on medical or compassionate grounds. Unless your department has agreed an extended deadline (for example, if you are ill) you are likely to be penalised by a reduction in mark if assessed work is submitted late. The Board of Examiners will confirm the final penalty. If work is not submitted or is submitted late you may have to take an extra examination in place of the assessed work concerned.

Late submission of assessed work due to computer failure

Computer failure is not an acceptable reason for the late submission of a piece of work. If you submit work after the deadline for this reason you will be subject to any penalties for the late submission of assessed work. You are responsible for backing up your work, whether you are using your own computer or one provided by the University.

Problems that may affect your work

It is important that you notify your Personal Tutor or the Head of your Department of any illness or personal problems that may affect your work. Unless you notify your department, such circumstances cannot be taken into account if you need to request an extended deadline or if you feel that your performance in a piece of assessed work has been adversely affected.

In the first instance you should speak to your Personal Tutor or, alternatively, you can talk confidentially to the Students' Union Advice and Welfare Services, or to the University Senior Tutor or to a University Counsellor.

If you are ill during the examination period, you must notify either your Personal Tutor or your Head of Department as soon as possible. You must provide them with a doctor’s note so that they can document your illness and present the medical evidence to the examiners - please do NOT wait until after the results of the examinations have been published. If you are too ill to take your examinations, you (or your representative) should discuss this with your Personal Tutor or Head of Department as soon as possible.