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Guidance for Students - Bags in Examinations

You are not allowed to take bags into exams, but recent changes in regulations mean that valuable personal items (e.g. wallets, mobiles, watches etc) CAN be taken into the venue, where you should follow the invigilators’ instructions (to place in a clear plastic bag).
The following items are permitted in the exam room:
  • Student ID card: this should be placed on the top right-hand corner of the examination desk;
  • Writing implements, rulers etc: these should be in a clear pencil case or bag;
  • One clear container of still water: bottles should have the labels removed;
  • Materials specified on the front page of the examination paper; these will have been notified by the module leader prior to the examination;
  • Clear bag for personal, valuable items: such as wallets, purses, keys, mobile phones and electronic storage and retrieval devices. All mobile phones and electronic storage and retrieval devices placed in the bag must be switched off and alarms cancelled. The bag must be sealed and placed under the chair. Items must not be removed from the bag until examination scripts have been collected.
  • Clear bag for wrist watches: Wrist watches must be placed in the clear bag and placed on the desk.
  • One bilingual dictionary: Students who are permitted to use a bilingual dictionary must ensure the dictionary is approved and stamped by their Department. An invigilator will inspect the dictionary to ensure it has been approved and stamped. Any dictionary not approved and stamped will be removed for the duration of the examination.
All other items are considered to be unauthorised materials.
Storage of personal possessions in the vicinity of exam rooms (September 2019):
There will be limited storage facilities for the September exams period. Please note the following:

Westwood Games Hall: lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, operated by an old £1 coin or by tokens obtainable from the reception desk.

Tennis Centre: the Tennis Centre has some lockers available of a first-come, first-served basis, operated by a £1 coin or by tokens obtainable from the reception desk. Otherwise, bags may be left in the exam hall, at students' own risk.

GLT3 (Gibbet Hill): (Life Sciences intermediate-year exams only): please contact the School of Life Sciences for further information.

If you are sitting exams in your home department, please contact your department for further information.

**Please note that all personal possessions are left at students' own risk and the University cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage.**