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Guidance for Students - Bags/phones in Examinations

Please remember that the University’s Regulation 10.2 states that:

Candidates are forbidden to take into an examination room any books, papers, calculators, or any information storage and retrieval device, or any case or bag …unless there is an express provision otherwise in the case of a particular paper”, nor may they take in "any devices which may emit noise or are likely to disturb other candidates".


Candidates therefore must not take any bags, cases, or backpacks etc into examination rooms. The only exceptions to this are:

(a) small transparent pencil cases may be used for pens, pencils, erasers, rulers etc (please note students are required to provide their own pens etc in examinations);

(b) if necessary plastic carrier bags may be used to carry permitted texts or other material into open-book examinations

(unless you have been given special individual permission to have any other kind of bag with you in connection with an approved special examination arrangement).

N.B. small personal items such as keys, wallets, purses etc that you would normally carry with you may be kept on the person e.g. in pockets or in permissible pencil cases as under (a) above.

You are therefore strongly recommended not to bring bags with you to examinations. If you do, you will not be permitted to bring them into the exam room (other than as noted above). Also, you MUST NOT leave bags outside exam rooms (e.g. in corridors) where they may cause any kind of obstruction.


During the following examination periods this academic year:

First week of Spring Term (8th - 12th January 2018)

First week of Summer Term (23rd - 28th April 2018)

Main Summer Term Examinations, weeks 4-9 Summer Term (14th May - 21st June 2018)

a controlled, staffed central storage facility, where students may leave their bags whilst taking exams, will be located in the Student Union Building on main campus, in the "chill-out" space. The facility will operate between the hours of 8.00am and 5.30 pm and is available for the use of all candidates taking examinations on campus. You should follow the local signage to drop off your bag, but please remember to leave sufficient time in advance of your exam as the doors to the facility will shut promptly 30 minutes before examinations start, so please allow plenty of time prior to your exam if you wish to use this facility. Please also note that the facility will only accept bags and not individual items such as phones, etc.

This facility will be free of charge. Whilst the University will supervise the facility and ensure it is attended during opening times, students are reminded that they individually responsible for insuring their personal belongings and the University cannot be held responsible for loss of, or damage to, any articles deposited in the facility.


There is some limited and mostly unsecured space in the vicinity of some (not all) exam rooms where if you have to you may leave bags, AT YOUR OWN RISK, as noted below.

**VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: if you leave anything in the unsecured places specified below this is AT YOUR OWN RISK and YOU SHOULD NOT LEAVE ANY VALUABLES. The University will not accept any responsibility for belongings left in the locations below**.

Panorama Room, Rootes Restaurant Area, Chancellors Suite (Rootes Building): Further information will be posted on notices displayed in the Rootes Building about available space(s) in which bags may be left, prior to each relevant examination session.

Butterworth Hall (Arts Centre): dock area behind the Butterworth Hall stage - please follow the notices that will be displayed.

Westwood Games Hall/Desso Hall (Sports Centre): items may be left in the lockers in the male and female changing rooms as appropriate - Please go to reception and you will be given a token which must be returned at the end of each of your exams.

However, please remember that the storage spaces noted above are limited in capacity and you are asked not to bring bags to these venues if possible.


These examinations take place in the Westwood Games Hall and the Desso Sports Hall where lockers are available in the changing rooms (n.b. you will need a £1 coin (returnable) if you wish to secure a locker).


Please note that the University Senate has resolved that students shall not be permitted to take into examinations mobile phones and similar devices capable of information storage and retrieval, nor any devices capable of emitting noise likely to disturb other candidates. If you have such items with you, you should leave them in your bag and leave your bag in the attended deposit facility in the Students' Union (see above) (or in changing room lockers if the exams are taking place in the sports facilities) if you wish to keep them safe while your examination is in progress.

Following disruptive incidents involving mobile phones in exam rooms, the University's Board of Undergraduate Studies resolved that the Senate regulation on mobile phones in exam rooms shall be enforced to the letter, that is, candidates shall not be permitted to bring mobile phones into exam rooms (except as may on occasion possibly be approved under special examination arrangements for individual students). Students should therefore note that the previous practice of some measure of tolerance, whereby mobile phones brought to exam sessions could be left at the front of the room with the invigilators, will no longer apply, and any candidate attempting to take a mobile phone into an exam room will not be admitted to the examination with the phone. Therefore when you have an exam you should leave your phone in a location away from the exam room while you are sitting the examination (see further the information above on the attended storage facility for bags in the Students' Union), or at home, or with a friend.

Please note that candidates who breach the University's examination regulations may render themselves liable for action under the University's disciplinary or cheating regulations.

**The above arrangements are for the benefit of examination candidates as well as the proper conduct of examinations and your co-operation is appreciated**.