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Distance Learning MBA examinations

Distance-Learning (DL) MBA examinations take place twice during academic year, in December and in June.

The DL MBA Office will make available an online form for you to complete and submit your exam registrations before the specified closing date. In the meantime, the Academic Office (Examinations) will update their Approved Exam Centres page regularly so you can view if your choice of exam centre has been confirmed.

Approximately four to six weeks before the exams, you will receive a personal confirmation e-mail from the Academic Office with details of your exam centre; address, contact name(s) etc. It is then your responsibility to contact the centre directly to confirm your attendance and agree a local start time (this will vary across the globe). All three examinations are scheduled to take place in the UK at 09.30 GMT time.

You must take with you to your exams your University of Warwick Student ID Card or, alternatively, a photographic document confirming your identity e.g. passport or driving licence.

If you are unable to attend your exams, it is vitally important that you inform both the overseas exam centre and the Academic Office (Examinations) here in Warwick. Students who book a centre and fail to attend the exam, or explain their absence in a timely way, may jeopardise the University's ability to use the centre in the future.

If you have any queries regarding your overseas centre, please see the FAQ section or contact the Examinations Office by e-mail to: or tel +44 (0)24 76523633.