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DLMBA Examinations - FAQs

Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions regarding overseas examinations centres for DLMBA examinations.

How do I know if there is an overseas centre near me?

Students wishing to take exams overseas are offered established, regional examination centres, generally with British Council Offices or reputable institutions of Higher Education. Please check the list of Approved Exam Centres on the Examinations Office website.

Requests for new exam centres will only be considered in exceptional cases, or where there is heavy demand.

Students may also register to take examinations here at Warwick.

What will happen if I do not get my first choice?

If an overseas exam centre has previously hosted exams it may not always be available for every exam session or for all exam dates in the future. There may also be local office closures or local holidays to take into account. Therefore, it may be necessary to direct students to their second choice exam location; in such circumstances students will be notified immediately.

When will I find out if I cannot sit my exams at the overseas centre I have chosen?

If an overseas centre advises that they cannot help with our exams, we will contact you immediately. We will then work with you to provide you with the best alternative to accommodate your particular requirements. However, it is very likely that you will get your first choice. For the December 2015 exams, 99% of students were allocated to their first choice centre.

Are there any other overseas centres, not listed on the website, that may be available?

Yes. The centres listed on the website are those that have been used most recently and are likely to be available for the upcoming exams. However, there are a number of centres, not listed, that we have used in the past that may be available. Please contact the Examinations Office if you would like to check if there is a centre closer to you, by e-mail or tel +44 (0)24 76523633.

Why do the list of approved centres change? Why can’t we have a permanent list?

The necessity for overseas centres depends entirely on the location of the students registered for each exam session. The process of requesting centres begins as soon as we receive exam registrations from the Warwick Business School DL MBA Office.

Why do I have to wait to find out if my centre is available?

As mentioned above, the demand for overseas centres changes with each examination session dependent on the circumstances of the students taking examinations. The University does not hold contracts with overseas examination centres and the process for confirming centres happens anew for each examination session.

If a centre is not able to help us, they will often let us know immediately. At this point we would contact the students affected and begin the process of trying to organise an alternative that meets both the requirements of the student and the University.

If you have any further queries regarding your overseas centre, please contact the Examinations Office by e-mail to: or tel +44 (0)24 76523633.