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Postgraduate Examinations

For more postgraduate information than is available on this webpage, go to the Graduate School Portal 

Taught and Research Courses:

  •  Taught Courses

Some taught postgraduate courses include a degree of assessment by formal examination. The main summer examinations period is normally from week four to week nine of the Summer Term, the timetable for which should normally be published on the Wednesday of the first week of the Summer Term. You should note, however, that postgraduate examinations may also be scheduled at other times, including outside of term time, and you should therefore check your course handbook or consult your course director for further details. Please note that some examinations may be held on Saturday mornings and afternoons.

Students are responsible for ensuring that they register for the correct examinations and that they do this at the correct time. Details of examination registration procedures will be sent to you via University email or via your department at the appropriate point in the academic year. You must check your email and departmental post regularly and follow the instructions provided.

Please note that written examinations for some postgraduate courses are organised locally by the relevant academic department.

Students should note that certain types of calculator are not permitted in University examinations; you should check with your department before buying such equipment.

 Boards of Examiners - Examination of all taught postgraduate work is carried out by a Board of Examiners, usually consisting of course tutors and one or more external examiners who are normally senior members of academic staff from other UK universities. Special factors affecting the performance of individual candidates may be taken into consideration by the Board, but only if it knows about them by the time of its meeting and they are fully documented. If there are special factors that affected your performance it is essential that you inform the relevant person in your department (normally your personal tutor) prior to the meeting of the Board of Examiners. Regulation 37 governing the duties of Boards of Examiners for taught postgraduate courses can be found in section 2 of the University Calendar.

 Appeals - If the Board decides that your performance merits the award of a lower qualification than the one for which you were registered or does not merit the award of a qualification at all, you may have certain rights of appeal. Further information on postgraduate academic appeals is available on the Graduate School website. If you have any queries, please contact the Graduate School at pgappeals at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Students should note that there is no right of appeal against the requirement to resubmit work or resit examinations, nor against the decision to award a Master's degree at pass level rather than with distinction or merit.

  • Research Courses

 Submission and Examination - Full details of procedures for presentation and examination of research thesis, and also regulations outlining the University's expectations for different levels of research degrees, can be found in the Guide to Examinations of Higher Degrees by Research.

Candidates who intend to submit a thesis for a higher degree should complete part 1 of The Form for the Submission of a Research Thesis and the Nomination of Examiners for Research Degrees and pass it to their supervisor. The Chair of the Department/School should then complete Part 2 nominating examiners for the candidate.

Candidates should complete the Library Declaration and Deposit Agreement, which should be presented at the same time that the thesis is submitted.

Internal examiners must complete the internal report form ((PDF) | (Word)). External examiners must complete the external report form ((PDF) | (Word)). Both examiners should submit a joint report form ((PDF) | (Word)).

You will not normally be permitted to submit your thesis more than five months before the end of your allotted period of study if you are a doctoral student. Other research degrees have shorter early submission periods, for further information see the Guide above and Regulation 38. Should you and your supervisor(s) consider your work to have progressed sufficiently for you to be able to do so, your department will be expected to confirm the reasons for the early submission to the Graduate School. It is your responsibility to decide when you wish to submit, but you are strongly advised to consult your supervisor(s) first and to present her/him with what you consider to be the final version of your thesis well before you plan to/are required to hand it in to the Graduate School. The duty of a supervisor is to help you carry out research and present your results to the best advantage. The duty of an examiner is to consider whether the results so presented meet the appropriate academic standards. The duties of a supervisor and examiner should be kept separate and distinct. You should note that your supervisor's support for submission of the thesis is not a guarantee of its success. If you wish to submit early please complete the Early Submission Form. Should you be required to resubmit your thesis, a resubmission fee (currently £200) will be payable.

 After the Examination: Restriction of access to a thesis and intellectual property - Two copies of a successful thesis are always retained in the University Library. Under exceptional circumstances, restriction of access to the thesis may be granted. In such circumstances a full supporting case must be made by the department concerned and the maximum period for restriction of access will be two years from the date the thesis was submitted. Further details of the procedures to be followed will be found in the Guide to Examinations of Higher Degrees by Research. For regulations governing patenting and commercial exploitation of research results please refer to Regulation 28 in the University Calendar.

 Appeals - Candidates who are not awarded a degree or who are awarded a lower degree than that for which the thesis was submitted may appeal against the decision of the examiners . Further information on postgraduate academic appeals is available on the Graduate School website. If you have any queries, please contact the Graduate School at pgappeals at warwick dot ac dot uk.