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Main Summer Exams Timetable - Provisional Version

Provisional Timetable for Examinations in Weeks 4-9 of the Summer Term 2019

The provisional main Summer Term examination timetable for the period 13 May – 20 June 2019 (weeks 4 – 9 Summer Term) will be published during week commencing 18 March.

Please read the following information carefully before consulting the provisional timetable.

The provisional timetable gives provisional dates and times of examinations (by academic department, in examination paper code order). It does not give examination venues. Please note the following:

  • the dates of examinations may change;
  • the University accepts no responsibility for any personal arrangements you may make on the basis of the provisional dates;
    requests from students to change examination dates will not normally be considered; if you have any concerns regarding the provisional timetable, you should bring these to the attention of your academic department by 29 March 2019. Your academic department may discuss your concerns with the Examination Office and/or Chair of AQSC.
  • Please do not contact the Examination Office directly. Only requests made by academic departments will be considered.

The University's Board of Undergraduate Studies approved the following advice for students:

  • you should expect to have examinations scheduled in close proximity to one another. Having two examinations on one day does not constitute a reason for changing the timetable;
  • social arrangements cannot be accepted as legitimate concerns that may be considered by academic departments;
  • you are expected to be available to take examinations as required during the Summer Term examination period and should not make any personal arrangements which might conflict with examination dates.

Personal timetables are not available for the provisional timetable - the provisional timetable is published only on this webpage.

Please also note that Language Centre examinations are organised by the Language Centre and are not included in the University provisional timetable; please contact the Language Centre or consult its website if you are due to take a Language Centre examination.

Final timetable

The final Summer Term examination timetable is normally published on the Wednesday week 1 of the Summer Term. Please do not contact the Examination Office for final timetable information before then as the timetable is not finalised until immediately prior to its publication.

A personalised timetable will be available at after the full timetable has been published.

You are advised to print and retain your personal timetable throughout the examination period and take it with you to the examinations. Please note that misreading of timetables will not be accepted as a reason for missing an examination.