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January Examinations

January Examinations: 8 - 13 January 2018 (first week of Spring Term)

The timetable for these examinations is available here.

***Candidates taking MA131X Foundations/Analysis Preliminary please note: this examination is split over three rooms in the Rootes Building - please read the note at the end of the above timetable carefully to see in which room the paper will be held for your degree course***.

Candidates taking examinations between 8 - 13 January will be able to find their seat numbers in advance online via a link entitled “Exam Seat Numbers” which may be found on the right-hand side of a student's personal eVision Student Records “Student home page”. Seat numbers will also be displayed outside exam rooms.

*Would all candidates also please make sure they are aware of the guidance on bag storage and mobile phones in examinations (see "Guidance for Students - Bags/phones in Examinations" under the "Information for Students" tab at the top of this page)*.