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September Examinations

Timetable for September 2019 Examinations

First-year resits and other September examinations in 2018/19 will be held between Monday 2nd September 2019 and Friday 6th September 2019.

Full Timetable: the complete timetable for the September 2019 examinations is now available and can be downloaded here.

Personal Timetables: Personal examination timetables for students will be available from approximately midday on Monday 5th August at:

*Please ensure you read and take note of all the information included in the personal timetable*. Failure to consult personal timetables will not be accepted as a reason for missing an examination or failure to comply with examination regulations.

You are advised to print a copy of your personalised timetable and take it with you to examinations.

Please also note as relevant:

Language Centre exams are organized by the Language Centre and are not included in the University timetable; please contact the Language Centre for examination details if you are due to take a Language Centre examination in September.

Chemistry intermediate-year undergraduate examinations will be organized by the Department of Chemistry and are not included in the University timetable; please contact the Department of Chemistry for further details.

Reasonable Adjustment arrangements in September: students who have reasonable adjustments will sit their examinations in their home department and will need to contact the examinations secretary in their home department to confirm the precise location for their examinations. The time and date will be as in your personal examination timetable.