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Sponsorship form

Only complete this form if a private company or other organisation will be paying your fees to the University on your behalf.
Do not complete this form if:
– You will be receiving UK Government tuition fee support (full or part–time undergraduates only)
– Your parents/ guardians/ relatives will be paying your fees
– A private company or other organisation will pay your fees to you, so that you can pay the University
– If you are receiving a bursary from a Research Council via the University (e.g. EPSRC, BBSRC etc.)
If you have an enquiry regarding this form, please contact

Please note: If you are paying part of your fees yourself, you have two options for the portion of the fees you are due to pay, either payment in full or payment in instalments. Please see for details.
It is your responsibility to provide the University with the correct details to ensure your fees are paid.

You must attach evidence of your sponsorship. The University will only accept evidence of your sponsorship on letter headed paper, confirming the full details of your sponsorship.

If you do not provide sponsorship information in the correct format, the university will NOT update your student record and will continue to hold you liable for your tuition fees

If your sponsor fails to pay your fees within 30 days of receipt of an invoice, the fees will automatically be transferred to your account and you will be held liable for their payment in full.
Please note: Sponsors will be invoiced for the full sponsorship amount and are not provided with the option to pay in instalments
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Please enter the address to which the invoice for your fees should be sent.
Please note that most UK organisations require a purchase order number before a payment can be made. If this is a requirement, please quote the number below.
If you would like to see how we process your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016, please see the University’s Data Protection Policy, which contains our Student Privacy Notice.
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The details you provide on this form will be used to invoice for your tuition fees.
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