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Postgraduate maintenance awards FAQs

Will the tuition fee scholarship be paid into my account?

If you hold a fee award this will be paid directly to the University.

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Can I receive payments into my overseas bank account?

If you are an international student who will not be able to arrive in the UK in time to open UK bank account before the start of the 2020/21 academic year then you may be able to receive your stipend payments into a digital bank account. More information on this can be found here.

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When will I receive my monthly payment?

Monthly payments will reach your account on the 1st of the month.

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Will I receive less stipend if I transfer from Full time to Part Time study?

Yes, Part Time students are paid at a rate of 60% of their Full Time stipend.

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What happens if I submit my thesis early with regards to maintenance awards?

Students are only entitled to receive their maintenance awards up to and including the month of their 1st thesis submission. Once this has been processed through the system the students accounts will be reviewed and adjustments made if required. Students are entitled to keep any payments relating to the month of their submission, regardless of which date within the month the submission date is. In the case of any overpayments, students will be notified of the value of the refund due and the charge will be transferred to their student account for payment.

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What happens if I submit my thesis early with regards to fees?

For self-funded students fees will be capped at 36 months full time equivalent, but will not be reduced below this. For students whose fees are covered by an external sponsor, funder or university scholarship fees will be reduced pro-rata to the month of submission, capped at a minimum of 36 months full time equivalent.

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What happens if I withdraw from my studies?

If you choose to temporarily or permanently withdraw from your studies, your stipend will stop and any overpayments that have been made will need to be repaid to the University. Students' stipends are paid monthly in advance. You will receive a full month’s stipend for any part of a month you were in attendance, the only exception being if you permanently withdraw within 2 weeks of your start date on the course. In this case, you are considered as not having attended, and any and all stipend payments received will need to be refunded.

Please note if the reason for TWD relates to maternity / paternity / parental leave, or funded sick leave your stipend payments will continue during this period as approved under the relevant Parental Leave or Sick Pay policies.

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How do I set my bank details up?

To enter your bank details please follow these steps:
  1. Log in to the Student Records system
  2. Select the Student finance tab on the left hand side
  3. Page down on the right hand side to the container headed and select “Collecting bank details for payments to students”
  4. Select the PG/UG Awards from the drop down list
  5. Enter your bank sort code and account number.

Once you have submitted your bank details, we will then be able to make any payments that are due to you.

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What do I do if I need to change my bank details?

If you wish to change the bank details we have for you, please email pgscholarships at warwick dot ac dot uk

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Why have I not received my payment?

If you have not received a payment which you are expecting please check that you have entered your bank details by logging in to the student finance section of the Student Records system. You must also be fully enrolled. If you are fully enrolled and have already entered your bank details please email pgscholarships at warwick dot ac dot uk.

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Why are there fee charges on my account when I have been told I am getting a fee award?

Fee awards are only processed upon receipt of notification from the department giving the award. However, due to the volume of awards to be processed, especially between August and October, there may be a delay in processing the award to your account. Therefore, please wait for a few weeks and it should be cleared.

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