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Useful Links and Further Information

Useful links

Visit this website for information about federal student aid, the eligibility crtieria and application process.

Visit this website to access the application form for federal student aid

Further information

Course costs

Information on any required and recommended textbooks and materials for your course are provided by each academic department. For information, see Additional Costs by Department.

University Accommodation

Warwick Accommodation manage 6,400 campus rooms and over 400 properties in the local area. Visit for details.

Banks and banking

Advice and guidance for international students can be found on the University’s Student Opportunity website: It is recommended that you read this at the earliest opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the university receive electronic copies of my MPN and SAR?


Are loans paid out in a single disbursement?

No, Direct and PLUS loans are disbursed in instalments at the start of each term.

What do I do if I think my CoA has been incorrectly assessed?

If you feel that the cost of attending the university is significantly different from the CoA that has been calculated, you should send an email to studentfinance at warwick dot ac dot uk, enter your student number and “Cost of Attendance” in the subject field. You will then be sent a form to complete and may be asked to provide evidence as to why you think your CoA has not been calculated correctly.

Will my loan be available once I arrive in the UK?

No, the university can only certify your loan once you have enrolled. It is advisable to ensure you have enough money to cover the period between enrolment and when your loan is made available to you.

Do you certify clinical or surgical degrees e.g. MBChB?


Can I obtain Direct and PLUS loans for an MBA by distance learning?

No. Distance learning courses are generally not eligible for federal loans. Currently the only option that the University of Warwick is aware of is the Sallie Mae Smart Option loan.

Who should I contact if I have any queries?

Paul Cooke, Student Finance Manager, can be contacted via email on p dot j dot cooke at warwick dot ac dot uk or by telephone on 0044 (0) 24 765 22636.