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Multicultural Scholars' Programme

Applications for the 2019-20 entry Multicultural Scholars' Programme are now closed.

The University of Warwick is pleased to offer a Multicultural Scholars' Programme (MSP) for undergraduates based in Warwick Schools of Law, Business and Engineering and who are entering the University in September 2019. The programme was initiated as a result of the generosity of two anonymous donors and is now supported by other individual donors, Warwick graduates and external organisations. The Multicultural Scholars’ Programme is unique and since its foundation in 2005, 74 scholars have graduated from the MSP and many have gone on to pursue successful careers. Our scholarships are funded by individuals, law firms and businesses who have high expectations of scholars and the University has a responsibility to recruit the most committed students to the programme. Our scholars receive financial, pastoral and careers support, as well as the opportunity to visit workplaces and take part in social and cultural events within a community of supportive and ambitious peers. It is the wish of the donors that the programme should prioritise help for students from poorly represented ethnic groups in UK Higher Education.

What will scholars receive?

Scholars admitted to the programme will receive:

  • Financial assistance of £2,000 per year for each year of your course.
  • Extra support and advice: a dedicated personal tutor and bespoke careers support.
  • Mentoring within the University and from Warwick graduates.
  • Company visits to supporting organisations in the UK.
  • Opportunities for career development and other special events organised by departments will also enhance the Warwick experience.

Who is eligible?

In order to be eligible to apply for a Multicultural Scholars' Programme scholarship, you must:

  • Be resident in the UK and eligible to pay fees at the home rate
  • Be of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Caribbean or African origin*
  • Have not previously studied for a first degree
  • Be applying to for assessment for financial support and be in receipt of a Government Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan for the 2019-20 academic year.
  • Have a household income as assessed by the Student Loans Company of below £35,001
  • Be willing to sign an agreement to take a full and active part in the Multicultural Scholars' Programme.
  • Be applying for a full-time undergraduate course through UCAS and receive and firmly accept an offer of a place to study at Warwick from October 2019 on one of the following eligible courses.
School of Law Warwick Business School School of Engineering
  • LLB Law 3 Year (UCAS code M100)  
  • LLB Law 4 year (UCAS code M101)  
  • LLB Law with Study Abroad in English (UCAS code M108)  
  • LLB Law with French Law (M10A)  
  • LLB Law with German Law (M10C)  
  • BA Law and Sociology (UCAS code ML13)  
  • BA Law with Humanities (UCAS code MV21)  
  • BA Law with Social Sciences (UCAS code ML23)  
  • BA Law with Business Studies (UCAS code MN11) (based in WBS)
  • BSc Management (UCAS code N20B)  
  • BSc Accounting and Finance (UCAS code N400)  
  • BSc International Management (UCAS code N20F)  
  • BA Law with Business Studies (UCAS code MN3B)  
  • BSc International Business with French (UCAS code N1RA)  
  • BSc International Business with German (UCAS code N1RB)  
  • BSc International Business with Italian (UCAS code N1RC)  
  • BSc International Business with Spanish (UCAS code N1RD)  
  • BEng or MEng Automotive Engineering (UCAS codes H330 or H335)  
  • BEng or MEng Civil Engineering (UCAS codes H200 or H202)  
  • BEng or MEng Electronic Engineering (UCAS codes H610 or H612)  
  • BEng or MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (UCAS codes H605 or H606)  
  • BEng Engineering Business Management (UCAS code HN12)  
  • BEng or MEng General Engineering (UCAS codes H100 or H102)  
  • BEng or MEng Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering (UCAS codes HH73 or HH37)  
  • BEng or MEng Mechanical Engineering (UCAS codes H300 or H302)  
  • BEng or MEng Systems Engineering (UCAS codes HH31 or HH35)  
  • BEng or MEng Biomedical Systems Engineering (UCAS codes H161 or H163)  

Students who enrolled in 2018 on an Accounting and Finance with Foundation Year degree course (UCAS code N4N4) or a Management with Foundation Year degree course (UCAS code N20A) are eligible to apply for a MSP scholarship in 2019.

Students who enrol in 2019 on an Accounting and Finance with Foundation Year degree course (UCAS code N4N4) or a Management with Foundation Year degree course (UCAS code N20A) will not be eligible to apply for a MSP scholarship until year 1 of your course in 2020.

*On your UCAS form in reply to the question about ethnicity you must have stated one of the following options:

Asian Pakistani

Asian Bangladeshi

Black African

Black Caribbean

Black – Other

White/Black Caribbean

White/Black African

In order to be eligible to receive a Multicultural Scholars' Programme scholarship, you must be a registered student of the University of Warwick.

This scholarship scheme is funded by the charitable donations of private individuals and foundations whose wishes are that the donations are applied for the benefit of students who are resident in the UK and are of Bangladeshi or Pakistani origin and thereafter, to students of Caribbean or African origin. The aim of the programme is to increase the involvement and success of under-represented groups, on campus and in their communities. The particular groups listed are currently under-represented in higher education.

What if I am not eligible for the Multicultural Scholars' Programme?

If you are not eligible for the Multicultural Scholars' Programme, we have a number of other generous scholarship and bursary schemes open to first-year undergraduates. For details please see our Warwick Scholarship and Bursary Scheme and Other Funding Opportunities pages.

How do I apply?

Applications for the Multicultural Scholars' Programme for 2019-20 entry are now closed.

What is the selection process?

A selection panel will meet before the start of term 1 to identify successful candidates. Scholars will be selected on the basis of outstanding academic performance at A level, the information given in the supporting statement and financial need. Information on A level grades will be provided to the University by UCAS. Information on family income will be provided by the Student Loans Company.

Please note that scholars will not be able to hold a Multicultural Scholars' Programme award and a Lloyds Scholarship simultaneously.

How will I be notified of the outcome of my application?

You will be notified of the outcome of your application by email. The recipients of the MSP Scholarships will be required to sign an agreement, which will include the need to produce an annual progress report and to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress.

How will I be paid?

As long as you continue to do well in your academic studies, your award will be paid for each year of your course, subject to a maximum of 4 years. The MSP scholarship will be paid by the University directly into your bank account in three termly instalments and will be paid in addition to any Warwick Bursary awarded via the Warwick Undergraduate Scholarships and Bursaries (Warwick USB) programme.

You will be able to hold a Multicultural Scholars award at the same time as a bursary from the Warwick Undergraduate Scholarships and Bursaries programme, however, you will not be able to hold any other scholarship or bursary award concurrently.

Should you have any queries about the Multicultural Scholars' Programme, please contact the department you are studying with.