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International Students' Childcare Fees Remission Scheme

Christmas Deadlines

The deadline for submitting hardship fund applications is Friday 24 November. We will endeavour to process all complete applications received by this date before Christmas. Applications made after 24 November will still be accepted, although appointments may not be offered until the new year.

What is the International Students' Childcare Fees Remission Scheme?

The International Students’ Childcare Fees Remission Scheme provides discretionary financial help to enable International and EU students, with preschool age children in an approved childcare facility, to pursue a course of study. Applications to the fund are considered in the light of each applicant’s financial circumstances and the extent of childcare required.

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Am I Eligible?

Registered full and part-time International and EU students pursuing a course of study leading to a formal qualification, e.g. Master’s or PhD, can apply. Postgraduate students whose registration status is 'Limbo: Thesis' are not eligible for the scheme.

You should have a child or children attending the University Nursery or other registered or approved childcare facility.

For more detailed information, see the Guidance Notes for Childcare Remission Scheme   applicants

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What help can I expect to receive?

Remission will normally only be granted for childcare sessions during University term time and 10 weeks of the summer vacation and will not exceed half of the actual cost of the childcare provision taken each term. Any entitlement to free nursery education for children aged 3 or 4 years old will be taken into account when an application is made to the fund and the amount of remission awarded for these children will be less. Remission will be considered for one child only in the first instance. Additional children may be considered later in the academic year depending on the availability of funds. The child with the highest childcare costs will be considered initially.

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How do I apply?

You should complete the Hardship Fund Application Form  and Childcare Information Form  . If you have a partner you should also complete the Partner Information Form  Only submit your application once your child has started at Nursery or has a commencement date.

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I have completed the application form. What happens next?

Once we have received your form, the Student Funding team will contact you to arrange a short confidential interview with a specialist Student Funding Adviser which will take approximately 30 minutes. The interview will be informal and will give you the opportunity to discuss your individual needs and circumstances in detail.

Please be assured that the Funding Adviser will consider your best interests at all stages of the assessment process. However, you should be aware that the Funding Adviser works within guidelines for the assessment of awards and distribution of funds. It may be necessary during the interview to refer to your bank statements, credit history, and spending patterns. The discussion may also explore opportunities for part-time working and other funding available. Any questions are not intended to be intrusive, but to allow the Funding Adviser to form a complete and comprehensive assessment of your financial situation and, if possible, to recommend a successful outcome to your application.

After your interview, your application will be assessed against guidelines for the allocation of funds. You will be notified of the outcome by email within 10 working days. Students with a child attending the University Nursery will have any award credited directly to their University account at the start of each term. Students using an external provider will be asked to complete Childcare Attendance Sheets which will be given to them at their interview. The Attendance Sheets are signed by the Childcare Provider to confirm the cost of weekly childcare sessions and any government funding that the child may be eligible to receive. The completed forms should be handed into Student Funding with the signed receipts for payment of the fees. Any receipts or invoices associated with the application must be on headed paper and should include the Ofsted Childcare Provider Number. Payments to students using external childcare providers will be made directly to the student's bank account at the end of each term when the nursery fees have been paid. Payments are subject to the satisfactory completion and submission of the Attendance Sheets and signed or stamped nursery receipts.

Any original documentation you supplied as part of your application will be available for you to collect at your appointment. Please ensure you bring your University ID card to your appointment.

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Who should I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions related to the International Students' Childcare Fees Remission Scheme, take a look at the Guidance Notes  . Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Funding team on, or by telephone on 024 7615 0096.

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