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About the donor

As an alumnus and philanthropist, Jonathan has been an ardent supporter of Warwick’s progress since his graduation in 1983 with a B.Sc. Degree in Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics, and Economics (MORSE). Since then he has generously contributed to Warwick’s scholarship programme and funded vital medical research into Diabetes Insipidus at Warwick Medical School.

Besides his career in private equity over the last thirty years Jonathan, in 2014, co-founded Eigen Technologies, an AI company focussed on Natural Language Programming, where he is the Chairman.

Jonathan is passionate about the opportunities artificial intelligence offers. With the Feuer International Scholarship in AI, Jonathan is keen to establish a prestigious cohort of multidisciplinary researchers with the ability to apply academic excellence and rigour to real world challenges.

My experience at Warwick offered a fantastic academic basis for my career since then. Now that I can give something back, I am delighted to fund this programme which I believe will help establish Warwick as a leading university in the field of Artificial Intelligence not just in the UK but also globally.

By investing in the Feuer AI Scholarships at Warwick, Jonathan is offering a unique chance to the best and brightest students from varying disciplines to make a difference in the field of AI. He will not only fund the initial cohort of 6 scholars, but will personally be connected to the programme offering advice and input to the scholars along the way.

Professor Stephen Jarvis says

We are extremely grateful to Jonathan for the energy and passion he has brought to establishing the Feuer International Scholarships in AI. With his investment, Warwick can lead on the development of essential multidisciplinary research that creates opportunities for the most talented students to excel in the field. We are excited to develop the programme and are delighted to have his ongoing input and support.

Jonathan Feuer is a Managing Partner at CVC Capital Partners, a leading private equity firm. He has been with CVC since 1988 and built his reputation through successful deals in many market sectors in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia. He also founded and ran CVC’s Financial Institutions Group and the Strategic Opportunities Platform. Prior to joining CVC, he worked for Baring Brothers & Co in London in the Corporate Finance Department and Ernst & Whinney in London where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

He has invested in several smaller and high growth companies including Eigen Technologies, which he co-founded and is Chairman, and runs his family's charitable foundation, along with his wife.