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One World Week 2008



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One World Week’s primary objective is to celebrate the beauty of our world’s diversity. It is entirely dedicated to an inspiring exploration of cultures, of the human being and of his world. Over the years it has come to be the most important international student festival… I ardently encourage initiatives of this kind.”

Honourable Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Sixth Secretary-General of the United Nations

The History & Development

Starting as a one-day event in 1995, this annual event at the University of Warwick has grown rapidly to be regarded as the World’s Largest Student-run International Event, involving 120 nationalities. One World Week now occurs over 9 days of cultural celebration, which takes a team of over 200 volunteers to organise. It is a self-funded, not-for-profit initiative with over 140 different events the majority of which are completely free and open to the public and involve over 1000 performers. One World Week has developed into a large-scale project that draws more than 26,000 participants each year to celebrate the world’s diversity and share in the vast array of cultures present at Warwick.

Worldwide Recognition

Through the years, One World Week has been honoured by the presence and participation of world leaders and celebrities including Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu (Nobel Prize Laureate), Professor John Hume (Nobel Prize Laureate), Professor Raghuram Rajan (Chief Economist, IMF), Fedde Le Grand (World famous Dance and House DJ), Nestor Torres (Latin Grammy Award Winner) and Rishi Rich and Juggy D (International Bhangra/Hip-Hop artists) amongst others. Last year alone, government officials from over seven countries contributed to Forum. One World Week represents a seminal achievement for the University, standing out as a world-class experience.

Its success has made it a model for cooperation between students, Students’ Unions, universities and institutions across the United Kingdom. Being officially supported by former UN Secretary General, Mr. Boutros Boutros-Gali, and a proudly registered actor in UNESCO’s decade for a Culture of Peace, One World Week also represents the perfect opportunity for Warwick students to interact with highly educated and talented people, explore the uniqueness of over 120 nationalities and gain a wholly special and invaluable experience.

The Structure

One World Week consists of four main areas of activity: Forum, Festival, Arts and Sports.  Students have the opportunity to get involved in any of these areas and become a part of the biggest event of the year on Warwick’s unique campus:


The world-renown Forum element of One World Week attracts high-profile speakers from across the world and through a series of panel debates, interactive sessions and the International Film Festival, Forum provides a platform to discuss mainstream topical issues as well as highlighting more personal stories of struggle, change and success. Forum Focus events are high profile conferences addressing a broad range of topics whereas Forum Interactive involves smaller scale interactive events, allowing students to engage in intellectual debate and discussion. One World Forum offers a great opportunity to mingle in an unassuming environment and appreciate the diversity that is symbolic of the University of Warwick.


Being the busiest element of One World Week, Festival hosts the day and night entertainment. It includes the very popular Fashion Show, International Food Festival, Carnival and World Party – all four are spectacles of colour and energy displaying dances, cuisine, costumes and music from various cultures. International DJs and musicians have graced the stage in the past; including Fedde Le Grand (World famous Dance and House DJ), Ministry of Sound, and Rishi Rich and Juggy D (International Bhangra/Hip-Hop artists) Other past highlights include the hilarious Miss World parody and One World Week’s own version of Eurovision.


Arts runs through the Week as a connection between each element, and brings together the different events through a variety of expressions of cultural diversity. The World Music Concert, which was proud to host Latin Grammy Award Winner Nestor Torres in 2007 playing with the students of the university, is a blend of international sounds on stage in the Warwick Arts Centre. With other events ranging from campus-wide exhibitions, over twelve theatrical productions, dance displays and workshops and other creative events, Arts is unique in its ability to relate to each area of One World Week and to provide many interesting activities to get involved in.


Sports has rapidly developed as a major element of One World Week, and continues to attract interest from universities across the UK. It allows students from all the 120 nationalities on campus to come together on friendly terms and communicate in spite of any cultural, social, language or even physical barriers. It allows friendship and understanding to be fostered through a variety of different sporting events by encompassing both the popular and the less well known sports that appear in the many different countries (such as panna, lacrosse and different types of martial art). With the 2007 Olympic style tournament attracting over 1200 participants, next year’s events promise much more, with a combination of tournaments, workshops, taster sessions and fun sports. Sports aims at creating a diverse, engaging programme of sporting activities to match every student’s taste: whether it be football, karate, sumo-wrestling or riding a bull in the middle of the piazza!

How to Get Involved

One World Week is the highlight of the year at Warwick – it attracts speakers, performers and musicians from around the globe. It also represents the perfect opportunity for Warwick students to interact with highly educated and talented people, explore the uniqueness of over 120 nationalities and gain a wholly special and invaluable experience.

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