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I have a student who can't access the system: why?


If the student is a new student (or a student returning to enrol for a new course at Warwick), they need to access enrolment, via the Welcome to Warwick site. To access the system, they should enter their University number (on their offer letter) and their date of birth. Date of birth must be in the format DD/MM/YYYY - in the vast majority of cases, students are unable access the system as they are entering the right format of digits, but with dots rather than slashes separating the digits, or that they are using a two digit year instead of a four digit year. The system does operate a '3 strikes and you're out' failure policy. This is an attempt to prevent hackers from accessing the system. If you think your student has had more than 3 unsuccessful attempts to log in, then contact the enrolment team and we will re-set their permissions.
If the student is a returning student they need to access re-enrolment via Start.Warwick. The steps are as follows:
1. Go to Start.Warwick
2. Locate the 'My Warwick Admin Systems' gadget on the page
3. Click on the 'Student Records online' link
This will take them through to the e:Vision system where they can then re-enrol. In order to access Start.Warwick, they will need their University login and password. If they have forgotten this, they will need to contact the IT helpdesk (on, or extension 73737). Unfortunately, the Enrolment Team cannot help with this.