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Why Must Students Re-Enrol Annually?


All students who are on a course of study spanning more than one academic year must re-enrol for each academic year.

One reason is because it is stipulated that students must re-enrol at the start of each academic year in the University's Ordinances. In their initial enrolment, students sign a contract whereby they agree to abide by the University's rules as expressed in the Charter, Regulations and Ordinances.

Furthermore, the library operates under the strictures of copyright law, and the University network requires us to hold various licences for student usage of the network. It is a condition of both that all users be fully enrolled members of the University. Allowing students to remain un-enrolled places us in breach of these contracts.
Finally HEFCE regulations on funding stipulate: "A condition of funding is that an annual binding undertaking is obtained to pay a fee for tuition, or supervision of research, for a programme of study. Evidence of this must be retained and be open to inspection at the time of an audit. A lack of such evidence makes the students ineligible to be included in the HESES and RAS return." and "[Where] all or part of the fee has been waived, the student will be regarded as registered provided the student fulfills an annual binding undertaking..."