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When Does Enrolment/Re-Enrolment Close?


A student's access to online enrolment or re-enrolment remains open until the individual has completed the task. However we do give students deadlines which we expect them to adhere to for reasons which are made clear by the information given below.

Stage 1 of Enrolment (New Students)

Students must have enrolled online and produced a certificate of enrolment prior to attending their specific enrolment event, otherwise they cannot be fully enrolled into their course and subsequently will not receive a University Card. Ideally, after directly enrolling online they should also upload a photo for their University Card and register for an IT Services Account.

Stage 2 of Enrolment (New Students)

Only after a student completes stage 2 of the enrolment process will they be fully enrolled. To complete this stage, the student must attend their allocated Enrolment Event. At the Enrolment Event, the student will be expected to produce their certificate of enrolment, proof of identity and any relevant immigration documents; once these are checked (and where necessary, scanned) the student will be provided with his/her University Card.

Any new students that for whatever reason were unable to enrol online or complete any of the required steps prior to attending their Enrolment Event, will be assisted to complete stage 1 of the enrolment process at the event. However, there are only a very limited number of staff on-hand to assist with this, and students are expected to contact the Enrolment Team prior to attending their Enrolment Event if they are having any issues completing online enrolment.

Re-Enrolment (Continuing Students)

Students are required to re-enrol annually otherwise they will no longer be treated as a student of the University and their student rights (such as library and IT access) will be revoked. The re-enrolment process also ensures that they agree, for up to a further twelve month period, to abide by the Regulations and Ordinances of the University, something which is legally required of all students. The vast majority of students are contacted about re-enrolling at the start of August, and are expected to re-enrol promptly otherwise they may be penalised.